Life is a Series of Rooms

And who we get stuck in those rooms with make up our lives. One room at a time. One minute at a time.

One day at at a time says Bill W. Oh and I had a 12 year personal relationship with Bill. Thinking of healing our relationship and talking again. Couldn’t hurt. Might help. We’ve been out of touch for a while. Life has become peculiar, but not due to the fissure with Bill. Life is…-insert favorite platitude here-. May put up a poll soon on this subject. Have to say El Guapo’s polls can’t be beat though!

Listening to Damien Rice. If you don’t know who he is go out. Listen. You’ll be hooked and caught like a child in a world of wonderful but frightening magic.

Have to thank El Guapo for reminding me to mention the music that plays as I write. He does it with every blog. If you’ve any wasted time to go back to, oh  2006 through 2008 or 2009, you’ll see the same thing was always mentioned at the end of all the YoYo-Dydne posts. Not sure when I stopped. Thanks EG.

This blog is a  Chex Mix (TM in case of sue-age) theme.

So I’m going to choose Door Number One  and go with Carol Merril:  Music!

The ONLY reason to use auto-tune would be the following video. Let’s face it: if you need auto-tune to make your own recording… you suck.

Oh, my quiet honesty. So lovely and sweet. And no room at the Inn…


~Miss R

33 thoughts on “Life is a Series of Rooms

    • Good deal fakelikeme!
      I sponsored many people over the years, and was a total fucker -grin-. I hired a ‘newcomer’ for my store, and she was my sponsee.
      One day it was slow and I told her to go out and start pulling some weeds and picking up crap in the parking lot. She gave me a venomous look. At which I point I told her “If you don’t go out there and get started you’ll use again!'”
      Dead silence… then we both bust up in laughter.
      She got to work immediately hehehehe


  1. Hey Ms. R…love the video, the post, and Damien Rice song. Great post by the way. A relationship with Bill is only just a good start. Smart people (like you) know that too. It’s only a hall pass to re-find a life of happiness and to re-discover the person you REALLY are inside. Hiding is hiding whether it’s in the midst of a room full of friends of Bill or in a dark bar or a party room with the drapes drawn. Open the curtains–whatever way works for you!!! :).


    • PKC, you are so right. Hiding and allowing fear to run your life is nto a life at all. Shit happens as the saying goes. Doesn’t matter who you are. It’s how you deal with the highs and lows.
      Words without action are meaningless. And action has been my first name the last few weeks.
      Love your line ‘Open the curtains!’ and am blessed to have incredibly intelligent readers/writers such as yourself. Damned nifty way to learn, listen and share in our little piece of the Interwebs.


    • Thanks EG!
      haven’t seen Rice live but would love to.
      Have the same weird feelings about the crowd when I see Ben Folds (or The Ataris, Modest Mouse, Dresden Dolls…well you know what I’m talking about). Am always one of the oldest persons in the fucking audience and one of the few not sporting a sweater-vest and/or hand-knit beret -evil grin-


    • the teeth! the lard! the overwhelming urge to kick the host in the pelvic region!
      Null I gotta tell you, it’s people like this who make me value MY life … at the end of the day heh.
      thanks for the grin xo


  2. It looks like I will have to come up with a plan to make pot more affordable to the masses.

    Confession time: I used to play softball. This is a good of a place as any to out myself as a lesbian. Men just don’t do it for me like women do.


    • Ahmnodt, if you add that your to your campaign platform think of all the new voters will actually show up at the polls! Hmmm if they remember what day the election falls on.
      Say, you could offer free cheetos and to change our national past time to softball instead of baseball. Talk about hitting it out of the park.
      That’s two immediate demographics covered.


      • Voting would also increase if there were voting booths at bars, Another proposal I am working on. Too many people are grumpy on Election night because they vote after work, by the time they’re done voting, happy hour is over at the bar, and they find out when they get home that everybody they voted for lost.


  3. Auto-tuning. Blech! Videos like this are its only legitimate use. If you can’t sing well without it, then you’re not a singer. (Personally I’m so bad at it I won’t even sing to myself.)


    • O c’mon. that’s what showers are for in the morning and karoake at night. Advise adding alcohol to the latter if you truly can’t carry a tune in a paper bag. It will at least help you -grin-


      • I dispute that claim.

        Showers in the morning are also good for sex. Must admit karakoke probably won’t help with that. The sex I mean, not the shower… although it probably won’t help with showers either.

        Just remember what Homer (the Simpson one, not the Greek one) – Alcohol: Cause of, and solution to, all lifes problems


      • As one who is overly melodically challenged, I agree with Null about the shower, but do not restrict it to mornings. And karaoke is for laughing at my drunken friends. *Wicked grin*

        Should I be worried?…my seven yo sees value in the songs…


  4. I am beginning to wonder what happened here. I have been to this post, seen the video and commented before…Maybe, Bill needs to come to my house. We have not had a relationship, but his cousin is cute, in a spanky kind of way. 😉

    If I used autotune, I would surely be kicked off the internet. Surely.


      • Then, clearly I need to renegotiate my contract. Seems someone left out the clause supplying the butler, the cabana and the boat. No, wait, I have the boat. Oh, right, the pedicurist.

        One day, I will learn not to drop electronics into the pedicure tub. Maybe.


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