Two Fer Tuesday Affirmations for The Deranged

cute kittens!

Many years ago, in a neighborhood not that far away, I and a friend exchanged our own personal Affirmations For the Day.

In order to bring a bit of true light into your dreary little lives I shall share two of mine which were carefully crafted to bring joy and inspiration to the huddled masses everywhere. You’re Welcome.

“If someone compliments me today
I will look for the hidden agenda”

and if you’re still not enlightened…

“Today I will create a crisis situation
so that i may feel truly alive”

Thinking of making this a weekly post. We all need a mantra for the day. Me, being such a giver, have bestowed two upon you my beloved reader.

Choose wisely Grasshopper.

~Miss R

24 thoughts on “Two Fer Tuesday Affirmations for The Deranged

  1. I think my mantra should take solace from my one real chat-up line which is ‘So… do you do porn?’ (yes I have used it and it went alright)

    ‘Should someone offer me porn I shall wonder what they know about porn that I don’t’

    Inspired yet? No? How about…

    ‘Send me pics of you wearing nothing but clothes pegs in interesting places’

    Not exactly a mantra but hell, such is life, life’s too boring for anything else


  2. If I can change one, I’d like to modify
    “Today I will create a crisis situation so that i may feel truly alive”
    “Today I will create a crisis situation and then walk away, leaving it for others to fix.”



    • Tony,
      glad you caught the kitty, knew if anyone would get a chuckle out of that it would be you,
      just for the f**k of it I put ‘cute kitten’ in the tags. Oh I’m an evil bitch.
      Oh and don’t worry, your sickness isn’t just a phase 😉


  3. In a fine example of using my powers for evil instead of good, I mean evil instead of good, (*^%. Oh, for fuck’s sake, it is evil.

    “You never know what you can do until you try to undo what you have done.”

    Yes, I try to do what cannot be undone 😉 Especially when I can do it at someone else’s house and go to the neighbor’s to watch. And I am with EG on this one.


    • Okay Red I’ve got to get my head around that one heh.
      Go agree with you and EG: leave that shit up to someone else. Not like it’s in my job description or anything.
      I Light the fires, but take no responsibility for those who attempt to contain them. Muahahahahaha


  4. If someone compliments me that pretty much = crisis mode right there.
    I start to panic that I might have forgotten to get the check in the mail.
    Or that I did and said complimenter might cash it too quickly.
    (seriously… wait a week first… okay?)


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