I’m Famous. Thank you Bearman!

Bearman mugged me… with the comment ‘Be careful what you wear in your profile pictures’.

Utterly fabulous cartoon!! He even got the purpleΒ  streaks in my hair, Burning Band cap and the San Fransisco sunglasses. Not to mention bosom hahahaha

Mugged by Bearman

30 thoughts on “I’m Famous. Thank you Bearman!

  1. Yes I like this one it has a very nice edge to it…
    I wonder if I should have a go sometime? πŸ™‚ Okay
    that was a facetious joke as I am hopeless at the
    drawing of absolutely anything πŸ™‚

    Have a great rest of weekend now Rachael…



  2. Oh, this is the tops. Clicking through now. And when did Ahmnodt decide to run for president?? And why did I not get an invitation to the campaign opening party? I think I should pout.

    Whew, glad that passed.


    • No pouting! Ahmnodt announced his candidacy over a year ago. He’s got my vote! Love that he promises to spend any PAC or personal conversation on strip clubs and other hedonistic pleasures .heh. He wrote (paraphrased) ‘ this way all of the potential contributions will go to a good cause as opposed to expensive advertisements and bribery to support special interest groups’
      XD πŸ™‚


      • Stopped by to endorse and pledge my allegiance. I fully support strip clubs and hookers. They are so much more trustworthy than media and lobbyists.

        If you are still up, (and truly you better not be) stop by my 0800 post. You are going to need a Kleenex…and maybe a diaper. Oh, do not read with coffee in your mouth.

        And if I EVER say I am going to a dinner party…tell me .357. I will instantly know what you mean.

        Bonne nuit bisous!


    • Thanks EG -grin-. Actually the hat I wear is part of my Burning Band Marching Band uniform (which consist of white cotton shirts complete with epaulets heh- and the hat. This will (hopefully) be my 9th year on the playa and 9th year playing with the band.
      Total blast.


    • Bearman I did mention it. Read it again -actually they’re purple-. Thought that was so cool and saw it right away, That you noticed and shaded them in so deftly blew me away.
      Once again, AMAZING job XD

      Posted it on FB too and asked my peeps to subscribe to your cartoons πŸ™‚


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