55 thoughts on “Why a Religion is Like a Penis

    • Null, you have no idea how appropriate this is so our current slew of Republican psychos currently in the race for the presidential nomination.
      Happy you liked it, and so good to see you!


      • Hey, I’m British, I know about the Republican candidates. We like to keep abrest of which nutjob might get within range of nukes. Least after Dubya they childproofed the Whitehouse so there we no accidental launches. Santorum does appear to be leading the race for position of “Man most likely to start Armageddon”. Shame Ron Paul pulled out, he was comedy gold


      • Ha! Santorum is even better! You can’t help but laugh at guy who promotes ‘family values, denounces gay couples, wants abortion to be a crime (he has no power to do this), and hides behind a psychotic cultist puritanical Christianity that has even turned off most Republicans.

        As for keeping an eye on who holds the nuke button… there are a lot of Americans who feel the same way.
        The entire Republican party, left on their own statements, are comedy gold!
        they have no platform to change any of Obama’s plans and presidency so they are resorting to religious rhetoric, commie hunting, and shit harkening back to the witch hunts of the McCarthy era.
        Yeah…. only a true sub-moron would take any of these demented windbags seriously. Oops. I meant to say party-line Republicans.

        I recommend Don in Massachusetts’ blog as well as BarkingintheDark (Tony Powers) as the best of the best in beating these guys with their own stupidity. Whether through great cartoons or Tony’s ballads.


      • Should I mention that when Dubya was coming up for election I said to an American friend (yes, she was ‘that’ kinda friend) that “People shouldn’t vote for him, I mean look at the guy, is that the kinda person you want controlling nuclear weapons?”. Course I forgot Americans had a strange sense of humour and elected him anyway for laughs. He did such an awesome job of making people laugh he got elected twice.

        Elect Santorum and watch the world burn people, should be good for a few giggles


      • Do NOT mention the Dubya word. That was when I seriously considered moving to Canada. Well okay, thought about it when his dad was elected as well.
        Found a sponsor and a job (a bestie in Toronto) but was going though a nasty divorce and lost everything,, just to get away from the stalking psycho.
        So here I am, Surrounded by Farrrrr right Republican nutjobs.
        America is the laughing stock of the word -hangs head even though she never participated in the RepubliCON crap-.


  1. Love it … I wrote this about 2 years ago:
    “Christianity is the Starbucks of religions. There are churches everywhere, the customers are arrogant and pretentious, they think they’re better than everyone else, and the product leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.”


  2. ha!
    Both sexes in many cases, if you see that damned ‘Jesus Fish’ plaque or sticker on the back of their car these cretins drive like shit. Ever notice that?
    My favorite: Men being the leaders of the anti-abortion movements/cults.


  3. Thinking of writing the score myself. Buahahaha. Maybe some banjo music interspersed. As Steve Martin once said ‘it’s impossible to play a sad song on the banjo.’ and this will be a day of rejoicing for the thinking masses.
    Hmmmm Don, must think on this.


      • we’re a dime a dozen heh. actually never played solo in Reno, just in several bands. Not as if I don’t know just about every GOOD musician in town.
        Need a truly shitty vocalist though. More research.
        Luckily I can already use Final Cut Pro and several other film and music editing softwares. Knew that time spent with Warner Brothers would come in handy… some day


  4. How wickedly added my friend πŸ™‚
    Have a ghoulishly nice evening
    and don’t be looking out for any
    of those lengthy one’s…

    Postings I meant, cheeky πŸ™‚ lol

    Androgoth XXx


    • Glad you enjoyed it my friend. am so far beihind on reading my fave blogs. Time to hit your two latest. Dig your ghoulish and snarky take on life.
      It does a body (even when placed in a Hefty bag) good!


  5. Love this! Actually posted this a while back as a share on my Facebook profile, took a huge amount of flak from some of my less liberal friends and family. I enjoyed the fallout that I posted it again several days later.

    Such a grand statement!


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