Coin Operated Goy

Reno winter

The Backyard on a Reno Winter Day

Got almost a foot of unexpected snow today. Absolutely gorgeous and the first good snow of the season; and it’s almost March. Not good news for the Tahoe resorts. Or moi.

Several times I’ve had the money for the ‘Ladies Day’ special at Mt. Rose. Was advised (read: barked at) by my neurologist not to ski until there was actual powder as opposed to ice.

So it would have been like a dream to take the 40 minute drive up for even a half day. Hey, I could give a damn about the temps or snow while skiing steeps –or anything else. Done so in Canada in -12C in a blizzard. Great runs. Just enough time to thaw out the frost on the goggles in front of a roaring fire before another one.

Drove Jeep Grand Cherokees for years, but today have a rear wheel drive 1986 BMW (wtf they’re built in Bavaria; not even front wheel drive?) and no money. Loved watching the snow come down, but damn I miss the slopes.

So took a walk tonight. Sunlight makes me burn up.. not fucking glitter. Silent and beautiful. That’s the only time Reno truly looks good these days.  Even the strip club a block away looked festive.

Being the battle born eccentric I am, was wearing a $10.00 long sleeved t-shirt, under a $100.00 wool ski sweater, and my $(if there’s no price you can’t afford it) real Canadian Sorrels.

Oh! Wearing my favorite polka dot fleece pajama bottoms too. D’lovely!

Despite a few slips and slides I made it to the Pakistani liquor-bong-whippet-soda-aging- -onions-freezer burned ice cream-umbrella-outdated canned food-and energy drink store two blocks away.

Got a pack of cheap smokes. Bad Miss R.

Could see the moon on the snow, no hobos about –except for yours truly heh- and just gorgeous. Never leave home without my iPod, actually can’t live without music all the time. After listening to Boston by Augustana, which reminds me of the last time I spent time with dad; it was in Boston for the annual IDAA convention (International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous). Then one of my fave Dresden Dolls tunes pulled up on shuffle.

Smiled to myself. One of the search terms that turns up on my stats is Dresden Dolls, but don’t think I’ve made mention of the band in two posts since 2006 when YoYo-Dyne was founded.

As an aside: fucked up search term of the last 30 days to find YoYo-Dyne: Teen dildo action ersatz. I have NO fucking idea -eye roll-.

Laughed as I walked the last block to my house. The glitter embedded in the concrete sidewalks where the snow melted, the moonlight on the snow, houses, and cars, thoughts of the  few people I know who actually listen to Dresden Dolls.

One of them gave me a gift this year. A ticket to Burning Man. This, the year when all hell broke loose and who knows if anyone with art installations, famous theme camps (I belong to one), mutant vehicles and true citizens will overcome rich frat boy trust fund fuckers who bought up all the tickets in this years fail-safe system. More on that nightmare later.

It will be my 9th year, and I’m positive this will be the last. All will be broken up into regionals after 2012. Just a personal prediction. Still… get to play in Burning Band this year (all 10 out of 50 of us who have received tickets) and be the bar manager at Spanky’s. Best job ever.

And the cold, music, snow, light and thought of the wonderful gift I’d received made me tear up.

So here is Coin Operated Boy by Dresden Dolls. A wonderful funny/ironic tune, that made this snowy night complete.

~Miss R

18 thoughts on “Coin Operated Goy

  1. “the Pakistani liquor-bong-whippet-soda-aging- -onions-freezer burned ice cream-umbrella-outdated canned food-and energy drink store”??? They’ve got to think of a shorter name.

    Burning Man? I would so love to go. I had never heard of it before until a co-worker told me all about it last fall. It looks like a blast!


    • I believe the business name is Nahari Foods, although the last thing you’d ever want to purchase there is an edible. the sign just reads ‘LIQUOR’ and strangely enough it’s across the street from the strip club Wild Orchid. No beating down on the Orchid. Friends who come in to Reno to visit me want to hit one; this is close and Nevada is probably the only state where Strip shows are sold with expensive cocktails as well.
      As for Burning Man… that has become the problem. So many people have heard about it that it’s grown beyond the social experiment and art fest to a money grabbing yank to even get a ticket.
      Not the same place I visited 9 years ago. My ‘real’ family is my Burning Man camp, and we take care of each other all year long.
      She speaks….I know it will be broken down next year and would LOVE for you to join Spanky’s and our silliness in the new venue! You’d fit right in.


      • reading between the lines of the official newsletter and blog it looks to me as if the original Burning Man is no longer viable. Many comments were made about regional burns (there are many all over the country) but the BLM permit, which is about to expire, allows 58,000 people. And it the Burn was sold out for the first time ever last year -and they went over the 53,000 allotted.
        Just my thoughts.
        The majority of ‘regionals’ are sanctioned by Burning Man and take place all year in different parts of the country.
        The real ‘Man’ only burns at Black Rock City -official home of Burning Man. And during the seven day festival those of us long time Burners are out there at least 12 days building building sweating and doing the same tearing down to leave no trace. Not even a spilled wine spot or a small piece of a ciggie butt or an 1/20th inch piece of rope or tarp, Making it happen for the rest of our community; the third largest population in Nevada; with our own postal
        code and post office -smile-.


  2. You sure know how to paint a picture. I think we have a corner store just like the one you mention.
    Interesting search term…I like that they added ersatz just to make sure they didn’t find a real penis. The web is a weird place but you make Reno sound very competitive with it.


    • Yeah this is the first ‘real’ snow all winter here. Weird. some peeps in town are HAPPY they didn’t buy a season pass this year at any of the Lake Tahoe resorts.
      And it’s good to be seen. Have left the house three days in a row. Ohhhh scaaary boys and girls -said in best Count Floyd voice-
      Thanks Don 🙂


  3. Rachael, i don’t know where to begin to tell you how MUCH i enjoyed this so VERY witty post. first, “Despite a few slips and slides I made it to the Pakistani liquor-bong-whippet-soda-aging -onions-freezer burned ice cream-umbrella-outdated canned food-and energy drink store two blocks away” made me ACTUALLY hoot out loud laffing…this is not an LOL…this is REAL laffing. then; The Dresden Dolls!!! who i LOOOORRVE, when i first hear Coin Op Boy i was in my car just pulling into my garage, and i sat in the car to listen to all of it…they are so far beyond “pop” music, so intelligent/louche/Berlin/ decadent-ish, and the video, which i’d never seen (here’s that duh again) is so arresting, and shot so well, (her eyebrows should get a grammy) and then you: “get to play in Burning Band this year (all 10 out of 50 of us who have received tickets) and be the bar manager at Spanky’s.” it’s all too too fucking great! yo yo dyne rocks girrrl. continue…


    • Tony, thank you SO much for the props. Should have known you’d be a Dresden Dolls fan. Your description of their music and shows is on the money.
      Mostly, I’m glad I could make you laugh. That’s the best thing of all; you’re a tough critic because you’re a great writer -smile-


  4. Pass me a square, but I am not going back to that liquor store for all the booze in the whole place on someone else’s Visa. The guy just gives me the creeps, and the woman with the eye patch has really bad BO.


    • Yeah, it’s almost like being back in NYC in the 80’s…riding the subway in the dead of summer. Next to a guy who hasn’t showered since Eisenhower was in office.
      Oh, the eye patch lady is harmless… if she’d only stop that screaming!


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