Batman is just the beginning of my geek status

Batman meme-o-rama

Second Admission: I am an avid Dr Who fan since the series started back up with the new Doctors. And own every episode of Torchwood.

Third Admission: I loved reading Watchmen

Fourth Admission: I know wayyyyyy to much about Photoshop and HTML

Fifth Admission: I ENJOY Kevin Smith’s humor

Final Admission: I wear glasses. This totally clinches it

~Miss R

40 thoughts on “Batman is just the beginning of my geek status

  1. Wait, those are the standards of measurement?
    Then I am totally a geek. Well, except for the superpowers/dead parents thing…

    Though instead of “Admissions”, those should Be “PROUD DECLARATIONS!”


  2. Well I don’t wear them, glasses I mean cheeky…
    But as I sometimes find it a tad difficult reading
    I think that I will be needing some reading one’s
    sooner rather than later, however…

    Is this boring you yet? 🙂 lol


    I am long sighted so at least I don’t need any for
    long distance so how about that for a load of useless
    information and I haven’t even started on your blog
    yet so that is something i am pondering as I write…

    Actually i like this idea of a posting as it is jovial and
    wicked combined, so a definite winner me thinks? 🙂

    Have a very nice rest of evening Rachael 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  3. i have 2 dead parents, love Dr. Who, and i still couldn’t watch all the episodes of Torchwood -and i did try….you are the geek goddess. me? mea culpa…but i do wear a cape and have a prosthstetic head. continue…


    • Tony every day you become more and more my hero.
      Try Torchwood: Miracle Day. The series is far better than the original Torchwood, and the cross Who references (and Captain Jack) are fab.
      Need to see that cape, Can only envision you in an Opera cape ala Phantom of the Opera.
      Where do I get a prosthetic head? Sounds very They Might Be Giants to me -grin-


  4. Loved Watchmen huh? Me too, so not for the women in rubber either. Ahem. Anyway, you hit on my favourite writer (Alan Moore) who influenced me so much that I actually don’t like Marvel comics. Yes, it’s heresy but it’s true, least with his 2000AD work, plus V for Vendetta etc, he introduced us to a twisted world that had been missing from american stuff.

    I think I’ve hit my geek credentials even though I don’t wear glasses. No? Ok, I write comics too, none published yet but hey, I wouldn’t be anywhere near geekdom if I did.

    Special powers? I dunno, being epicly good in bed is probably mine. That’s right, I can outsleep a cat. Wait, what did you think I meant?


    • Null, I didn’t know you wrote comics. Scan some in and post them on your blog! At least a tiny taste for the rest of us geeks to enjoy 🙂
      Alan Moore rocks, and totally agree with your assessment of Marvel. Totally dug V for Vendetta, and the American stuff is pallid by comparison.

      Still laughing at your ‘spic in bed’ comment. Bad boy.. just the way I like ’em 😉


      • Soon as I find an artist I might just do that as I can’t draw for shit. At the moment it’s just script stuff but it’s dark (of course). Btw, look for D.R. & Quinch by Alan Moore n imagine me reading that as a kid. Shoulda been required reading in school, along with Douglas Adams.

        Oh, and on a really dark note, does it count if I wish my parents were dead? Just putting it out there… never said I’d be a nice superhero


      • Null let’s see some story line -even if you email it to me for confidentiality. Have NO doubt it’s dark -wicked grin-.
        And truly, who hasn’t wished their parents dead at one time.
        Sadly when it happens all the good things they did (my father died and despite the humiliations, horror and cleaning up whore’s puke -he was a total alkie until the last 25 years of his life). It Does suck.
        But as I said…. some parents deserve -fill in the blank-


      • Null the url is so cool. Laughed my ass off at the strip and the concept was so out there. I am compelled by the power of Alan Moore!
        C”mon, despite The Exorcist who the hell is compelled by the power of jesus? he didn’t even write his own stuff! 😉


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