I Feel Fantastic!

Jonathon Coulton

Take a peek at Jonathon Coulton, If you’ve never hear of him before then I pity da fool. And it’s time to find a new icon in geek  rock.

He started a little something a few years ago called ‘Thing a Week. ‘ A new song each week for a year.

There have been several imitators since him. Jonathon made a buttload of cash at Mircrosoft (as opposed to a plethora El Guapo)  gave the heave-ho To Gates and decided to…..

Make some great and ironic music. This goes out to Tony and EG 😉

Here’s one of my favorites ‘I Feel Fantastic.’  If you dig this  I also recommend : Creepy Doll, Code Money (yes! first song I ever hear by him. Classic if you work in web design, graphics or productions), Re: Your Brains, and Skullcrusher Mountain

By the way he allows  anyone who wants to make videos of his tunes, and covers. Pretty cool.



37 thoughts on “I Feel Fantastic!

  1. Oh, forgot to mention he has also been involved with TMBG and one of the Johns, if not both, have produced his upcoming album.
    Gooooo Brookyln.
    Yo! Are you Talking to me?!
    Well have a piece ‘o pie


  2. Shamed that I never heard of this guy.
    But I know I can rely on you to turn me on to the coolest stuff I’ve never heard.

    And my ignorance will be rectified by the end of the day.,


  3. WTF! How do I miss shit like this? Why have people not been sharing this stuff before? All these questions and more after a message from our sponsor.

    “Buy alcohol and chocolate, the fun alternative to effective treatment for mental health issues”

    And we’re back.

    Tonight, well, it’s just a night like most others but the point is that it’s pretty cool music and very poignant, kinda like a vastly more subtle Weird Al Yankawotsit for the Intel generation.

    Either way, tis a pleasure to see you posting oh subbie hotness (yes I did just go there, yuh huh *introduce neck snap thing which is way more annoying than the people who use it realise*), long may it continue, every day on pain of no pain. Ok, my promise of punishment by anaesthetic isn’t terribly effective considering but still… grr n “Respect my authorataaaaah” (love ya lots)


    • Oh Null! it’s so good to hear from you. Especially with your intuitive knowledge of my persona. Not that any leaks into this blog…

      you’re right about the Yankovik connection. thought the same thing. What people don’t realize about Al is that his original songs are AMAZING. His covers are, uh, fodder for radio play. He’s a cool guy. Spent time with him -visiting my store outside of LA and also at parties-. Nice mellow demented dude.
      Enjoyed the Cartman quote lmfao


      • I used to do an awesome Cartman impression, bit out of practise now, maybe I should break it out for some innocent subbie (if there is such a thing) n see if they take it seriously.

        Ah well, maybe one day I’ll shock you with a phone call, shocking because I have a smooth brit accent and because it’d mean I just stalked your assl hmm… Challenge accepted methinks *plays mission impossible tune*


    • Thanks honey. Good luck with r new place and your honey 😉 Guess you’re off the market now along with EG . Hmmmm Tony and Null are still out there (not sure about that though) and Loon too. If I had switch teams would go for Red or She speaks buahahahahaha


    • Of course honey. Know you appreciate new music. Burning Man is the last week of August and culminates with the Burning of The Man on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.
      Pics from work parties -and the 2012 Burn- to follow accordingly.
      May see ACTUAL pictures of the Demon Seed as well. Told her she was not allowed to attend until she was 18.
      F**k. she is now…


      • I kicked all the “health” ones. Figured out when I took the ones which broke my givadam, I wasn’t nearly so sick 😉
        XnX & some crap I cannot pronounce.


    • Ah Red, have been on some meds for more than 30 years. Sadly I can pronounce all of the fuckers. The burden of being the daughter of a psychiatrist and RN.
      DO act as my own advocate though. Am well versed in meds and know which ones won’t do shit. Have cut the meds in half over the past few years. As for the XnX and Oxy down on the latter from 6 a day (after the surgery) !to one a day, Unless I clean the house or go for a walk.
      Love it!


      • Momma is an RN and I have to know all of mine, plus Bear’s and my parents’. Only one I have for any longevity is for cholesterol, but recently managed to kick that one as well. It was easy…I quit eating.

        I have had to cut back on the XnX since I have to be coherent far too long during the day. Love the fast-acting kind though. Bitch to smooth in ten minutes or less. I only take them when I go out…or am drafting Friday Follies 😉
        and then


      • Red, why am I not surprised that you’re an RN? Cholesterol great! Triglycerides…uh not so much. Give up red meat, red wine, sugar, etc? Hey why not sex too. Then I can sink into a fab dementia and spend my time in the Bahamas! Well, in a Steve Martin way of course.

        NEED your recipe for not eating. am a recovering bulemic. Seriously; my shrink 10 years ago told me how much progress I was making by no longer purging… just binging. 😉
        Actually, when first diagnosed with depression I put off the doc for almost a year -despite a 30 pound weight gain in 2 months. Had always heard that depression led to a lack of appetite.
        Turns out it can go the other way. Who knew?
        WANT your secret. Oh what I’d give to be anorexic like my sister -bliss-. Of course she can afford a gym membership… and the cost of laxatives.


  4. Hey, it looks like it could be
    Zombie night around these parts 🙂

    I hope you are watching where you
    bend over Rachael as some of those
    look a bit on the fruity side to me 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    • Andro: I have a great friend here in Reno that makes a FAB Zombie-Proof soap. On a rope! Of course the rope in on the ankle…. it distracts the other brain eaters at the gym from the tasty genius brain


  5. I feel like zombies are about the only spooky creatures actually slower than me.
    I’m fairly confident I could outrun one. Or maybe two.
    So I have that going for me.
    Which is nice.


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