Steak, Asparagus and the Band Next Door

First you’re probably wondering how an Executive Urban Hobo such as myself came to be eating steak and asparagus. No not ‘steak and vegetable ‘food product.’ The real deal.

Well, after receiving the obscene amount of a monthly stipend from SSD it’s time for grocery shopping. Asparagus on sale at $1.88 and two tiny filets wrapped in bacon for $3.97. I don’t purchase anything that isn’t on sale. Hear that Red? –grin-.

Aw, downsizing from Balducci’s and A&P bites heh.

Yes it was a splurge but we here at YoYo-Dyne have put on considerable weight after winning a huge loss after last’s year’s surgery. A tasty splurge.

Back to tuna, cheap ground beef and a bag of frozen chicken breasts to make the rest of the month. Oh how I’d love some fish..mmmmm fishies!

F’ing low carb diet is expensive on my ‘salary’ and a pain in the ass to prepare in the 45F kitchen at night.

Back to the topic. Slight derailment after speaking of a tasty meal. Uh huh.

Fell into a stupor after said tasty meal to be awakened by…The kids next door.

Have mentioned on prior occasion that I live in an old 1928 (drafty, impossible to heat, scary and dangerously wired, big-ass with the requisite spooky enormous basement) duplex. The architecture and lay-out make up for it, I assure you. In the Fall and Spring.

My neighbors are all members of a band. Actually two bands. One’s a sort of Rockabilly. the other Punk. Have played in other bands with two of the neighbors, when we practiced in my basement. Our lead singer and guitarist used to live in this place.

Now their bands practice in their basement. More fried-to-a-crisp electrical cords, small electrical fires and fuse blow-outs on their side now. Told you, this place is old and the circuits prevent the use of a toaster (or space heater) or practice Peavy amp use at the same time. It’s all fun and games until you’re outside in your bathrobe/fleecy sweats and T-Shirt in the snow, at the back of the house, at 7:00 am in 12F weather outside in snow because your Demon Seed is  home from college and uses the microwave and two lamps at the same time..

Second Derail Apology:  This means I can hear everything up from the floor and through the walls when it’s practice time; which sucks on Sunday morning I can tell ‘ya.

They put up with the concert grand piano,  MIC’d vocals, and occasional jam session in the living room on my side so it works out. Yes, we DO blow the damned circuits in the living room too. I blame my bass player friends.

Who doesn’t?

From my nommy stupor tonight I hear a new tune (for best acoustics the bathroom is highly recommended; you can hear the trumpet and banjo far more clearly). These guys play all originals, in both bands. Caught my ear tonight with the sounds of a fave Old 97’s tune ‘Wont’ Be Home’

Dig this tune. Also dig my sleep. It did compel me to make a cocktail though and wake up. Whoop. Can be up all night tonight. Just as well actually.

About 300 blog notifications again…behind. That’s the least of the nasty news today so in reality the tune made my day.

So a shout-out to The Kids Next Door. And their 5 peeps packed into a two bedroom ancient duplex, basement electrical smoke, other tasty smelling smoke, and smiling, wonderful companionship on warm summer nights sharing the porch..

Back to your regularly scheduled madness.

~Miss R

33 thoughts on “Steak, Asparagus and the Band Next Door

  1. I’ve just gotten around to reading your witty words of wisdom, and I stll have a couple of Tony’s post to read, plus my inbox has/does/still a shit load blog notifications. This is what moving does, and I should be on track sometime in the latter part of next week.


    • I completely understand. Not only does moving simply suck, it’s worse when one is over 50. Many ‘OY! My Lumgago!’ moments.
      No worries. Have close to 400 blog notifications/comments etc in my inbox. Unopened. I’m not even moving this week.. and they have all accumulated in about 4 days.
      Fear not. We all miss you..and I’m behind on reading some of your posts as well heh.
      Take care and try to fit in some ‘down’ time my friend 🙂


  2. OK, so I was too late for dinner. But I am moved and most of the boxes are unpacked. Even got a post up with Something Wicked This Way Comes featured.

    Sale on, my dear. Sale on!


    • oooooh LOVE that book. Dig Bradbury. Glad you found solace that at least one of your readers attempts to follow the fine example of M3 😉
      Can’t believe you have almost all the boxes unpacked. Holy s**t batman. Did you have to whip and lash the children?
      I would. After all, why the hell did we have them if not to take out the trash, run up the electric bills and (when they’re 18) leave condom wrappers under the bed in their room!
      Okay I lied. Mine never did any of those things. Except the latter. Maybe I should have used my mother’s favorite weapon…. bread board to the ass. Time-outs and guilt seemed to work pretty well though.
      Ah, bless those Jewish genes


      • I duct taped the children to the wall for three straight days, wrote more than 2,000 lines of code…hopefully nothing else is broken. Still pissy about the movers leaving everyone…

        My kit is composed of duct tape, a yard stick, a staple gun and 300 yards of marine nylon lashing rope….*Grins*


      • Duct Tape…. ah the best invention EVER. Beats out a dungeon wall (or basement, or child’s bedroom) manacle device every time!
        Hell, I can even use it on a date if the bastard has a hairy back.
        ahhhhhh duct tape.
        Red, how many times can I tell you of your genius before you tire of it?


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