Thanks Ben Folds

Well spent the last hour writing a piece on Ben Folds. His style, videos showing his amazing fingering -shut up you pervs, let’s hear form the pianists out there. oh shit no matter what,,,, – and why he is my muse for piano and pop/music.

Grew up on Billy Joel, Elton John, Randy Newman then Tori Amos. All, especially the first named, played a huge part in my own style. Then… Ben Folds came along and changed my life. THIS was the musician who said it all and played to 11. Not volume-wise but lyrics plus all.

And… lost the entire blog. Doh.

Here’s the last item I had. His latest video, fom Ben Fold’s latest album. Lyrics by Bruce Hornby (High Fidelity, Fever Pitch, About A Boy) and all music by Ben.

Cartoon: by the head of Fox Animation.

Sorry I lost the backstory and other videos. Hell, it is Friday Night

Take care kids. And yes there’s a reason I’m a piano player. Will get some Ben videos up soon, You’ll see.. and you will want to play like this cat too

~Miss R

26 thoughts on “Thanks Ben Folds

    • LOVE Gone Loon. Damn. Another person who digs Ben? That makes 5 of us that I know of.
      No really, he gave me MORE impetus to keep up my style -rock. ragtime/stride/punk than any other musician,.
      Okay maybe I’m out there with my original tunes… but if Amanda Palmer and Dresden Dolls can do it then so can I! -grin-


  1. I’m also a piano player and love playing Ben Folds’ version of ‘Bitches Ain’t Shit’. It’s actually a beautiful arrangement but I love it after I finish playing when people ask the name of the song and I get to say ‘Bitches Ain’t Shit’


  2. Yeah here’s the bleeped version, Can’t find the oroginal one. Perhaps becasue Ben has a label now and his tunes have videoes now, Nawwwwwwww, Grrrrrrr

    Let your kids know that Over The Hedge had a VERY different version of this tune…


    • Glad you liked it Tony. Check out his other stuff. He studied at University of Miami music school, had done full symphonic orchestrations and collaborated with every band from Squirrel Nut Zippers to Dresden Dolls to Pompaloosa and Weird Al.


  3. You play the piano too???!!! Man you are multi-talented, lady. I’m lucky I can eat and walk at the same time….*sigh* I feel so inadequate now…hmmm…maybe I can dazzle you with my charm and cunning linguistic skills…maybe.


    • Kayjai don’t make me slap you upside ‘da head babe lmao. You got the talent, the looks, the Island lifestyle and ability to write on any and every subject that I’ll never have.
      think that”s what makes out blogging family so fab: we all have something wicked, fun, intellectual and crazy to offer. Oh, let’s not forget collective neurosis! 😉


  4. And I always figured you were an organ player hmm…
    Have a great weekend Miss. Blackraven and be naughty,
    I mean be good of course, as naughty is too obvious 😉

    Androgoth XXx


    • SIG I can dominate a pen or ink as well, sadly no one can understand what in the hell I’m trying to accomplish with them.
      From stick figures to handwriting any physician would be proud of…


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