C is for April 3rd; Crawl Back

C is for a tune that is fab yet not known….well by you. Yet.

Here is an earworm written by  Richard Thompson, called  ‘Crawl Back’.

Video lacking. No really it is just one picture.  Trust me the lyrics are the important part

18 thoughts on “C is for April 3rd; Crawl Back

  1. O.M.G. I have someone who needs this as a theme song. Not because he is upstanding enough to crawl back under his stone, but because I really wish he would….Wait. I think it is a class action theme song. Have you met my neighbors?


    • May I have your address Loon? Have at least a foot and a half of them -unopened- and the shredder broke a year ago.
      Will pay for bulk rate postage… lawnmower is out of your pocket. Sorry. Best I can do.


  2. There is nothing like a good tune
    while one is busy cutting away 🙂 😉

    Hey I wonder what your next letter
    will bring out? I bet it will be something
    of a wicked nature 🙂 Have fun Miss. R

    Androgoth XXx


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