D is for Dammit!

D is for Dammit

Dammit! While not as functional a word as another favorite of mine (rhymes with muck- and oh Dammit I just gave away the post for F) comes in handy.

On a daily, ofttimes hourly basis.

Da Beemer, my car of choice, causes the verbal spewing of the D word at least once a week. Which is how often I Drive the Damned thing.

Two Days ago I found out the power steering pump is leaking like a sieve. Which while better than the U-Joint going, which was my guess based on the replacement of said piece three times in the four years I’ve had Da car, is still out of my budget.

Muck that! Said I. Followed by Dammit. Followed by my driving the beast to Autozone and purchasing several bottles of power steering fluid.

Dammit was also a fabulous word to use today while standing in a snow storm and putting $20.00 worth of gas in Da car. Gas needle went from empty to half full; giving me the general idea that there may, in fact, be a problem.

Could be the 1986 technology (read gauges, parts, windows not rolling up or down, U-Joints, power steering pump, etc.) but really, I Doubt it. Clearly the tank only holds 10 gallons of gas.

It’s a popular car! Well, in 1986.

So I say Dammit to my friends who point out that mine is the only such model in Reno still on the road.

Wanted to post a picture of Elwood (Da Beemer’s proper name) here. Unfortunately the borrowed digital camera that is currently charging is still not charged. So I had to create a sub-par graphic using PhotoShop.


 ~Miss R

31 thoughts on “D is for Dammit!

  1. You could have said ‘Duck That’ and ‘Mammit’ or ‘Fammit’ could work in the same instance and then we would automatically realise that was in fact the Duck one, but with an ‘F’ instead of the ‘D’ but if it had been an ‘S’ it might have totally confused us all 🙂 Hmm… Well I am bleeding confused now after all that rubbish so how about we just say ‘Duck That’ and be done with it? 🙂 Now what the hell were you talking about before all this useless info was added? Ahhh yes, Power Steering Fluid, now as for the 1986 technology for this cause we will refer to the study of ‘A Beginners Guide to Fordplay’ of course if it is a Trans-Am or Buick then we will need an advanced class just to start the bleeding thing, okay back to the basics Miss. R and are you taking down your…

    Hey watch it you lot, I was going to say are you taking down your notes? 🙂 There are too many perverts around here thinking that I meant panties me thinks? 😦 lol Well never mind let’s crack on with the seminar and maybe you and all these hangers on types will leard something, of course on the flip side of the coin we could just do the original and say oh ‘Duck That’ and there you have it Miss. R, back to the beginning of your posting but without the cranks sticking their big noses into it 🙂 lol

    Have a great Friday and watch out for that model in Reno as she is a right naughty stripper, well paint stripping is a felony in some parts of Cleveland you know but don’t be quoting me on that one as it could be just a fib? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx


  2. I could add some rocket boosters to your ride, but then stopping sometimes is a bit of a problem.

    I hope you added the PS fluid that stops leaks. It might not work, but for small seal or hose leaks it can work well (it did for me).


    • Thanks Binky. Noticed that Tony recommended this too. Naturally the Dumbasses never recommended it. Only quoted me the cost of the part. Bought the power fluid steering of my own volition.
      Doing the Drive Down to Diss the Dumbasses tomorrow.
      thanks for stopping by and for the suggestion as well!


  3. When I hear ‘Elwood’ I always thing of ‘D’a Blues Brothers… although their ride is more of a ‘D’odge Monaco (according to Wikipedia, anyway).
    But, you know, ‘It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas.’
    So… it’s got that going for it.


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