F is for Funny

     F is for Funny       F is for Funny



Fuck I fooled ‘ya!

F is also for Fall-Out Boy, which is also Funny.




So here’s the hybrid bastard child of both. Two two two funnies in one.


For Fuck’s Sake have a Fun Filled Good Friday!



EXTRA POINTS: If you get the joke in my F graphic



~Miss R

29 thoughts on “F is for Funny

  1. I love the bass clef. Oh, and the whore over the cliff. Why did I think Nevada was mostly flat…I can see a party where that would be a viable outcome. Where’s Jenn live now?


  2. OK so G is for Gee whiz, where’s you next friggin post!!!! Get off the bathroom floor, wipe that dribble from your lip and get thee to the keyboard!!!! Oh and Happy Easter Zombie thingy…..


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