18 thoughts on “G is for Germany

    • Yeah baby! Grandma Anna used to spend all summer at the Brighton Beach Baths -since torn down I’ve heard. While dating my boyfriend- later Hubby Number One- we’d ride our bikes down to the beach (lived in Sheepshead Bay) , watch Grandma play Mah Jong, go swimming and order a bagel with a schmear!!!!

      Ask someone out west what a ‘Dairy’ restaurant is or an egg cream (I stock up on Fox’s U-Bet, online, twice a year -grin-) and you get…. Duh.


  1. and plus i can’t get a real pizza here in La La Land either. i miss totonno’s and diifara’s etc. and if grandma knew you said G is for German instead of Gefilte fish she’d smack you on the back of your head yo. 🙂 continue…


    • Gedouttahere Tony! Can’t agree more on the pizza thing. Moved back to LA after the 10 years in NYC and could not understand how my old friends -and new ones- thought it was okay for a soggy crust plus cheddar cheese -shudder- mixed with the mozzerella.
      Try Nevada. Even worse. These folks think that if it has a crust and nasty old toppings- never mind the quality, cooking time, or canned sauce it’ssss Greaaaaaaat!
      Used to be this Fab place on Avenue U (only 3 bus stops away!) in Brooklyn. Brick oven and the best white pizza anywhere. Ever. Even in Manhattan.
      Ask a pizza place in the west for a white pizza or if they sell a piece of ‘pie’? Open jawed idiocy.
      Gotta go back to visit friends and an epicurean renewal.
      Not to mention El Guapo is driving and Red is coming up for the feast 😉


      • i go straight…(that’s my motto) the good pastrami here is at Langer’s…and being from NYC trust me when i say there’s none better in NYC than at Langer’s, it’s about the only thing that L A has over NYC…ok – the weather – but no “real” seasons so… continue…


    • Tony, how are you flying back to The City? via Vegas, SF or a straight flight. If for some bizarre reason you wind up changing planes in Reno or the SF area give a shout out.
      There are some wonderful restaurants in Reno, and as you know lots in SF as well.
      Please stop by Cantors on Fairfax while in LA. Curious as to whether the old ladies who worked there when I was a kid are still waiting tables. Probably.
      Oh you have my address. SEND PASTRAMI!


  2. For my 18th birthday, long ago in a far away place, my uncle sent me a keg of black beer. My friends were ticked I set a limit of two pilsner glasses each. They were all so stinking drunk!

    Love this ❤


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