I is for Inappropriate

I is for Inappropriate

Oh sure once again know what you were thinking.

You forget though, I still hold my pointless Mensa membership and am Hooked on Physics.

Here’s an Inappropriate Battle of the Rappin’ Physicists.

~Miss R
Amateur Physicist to the Stars

37 thoughts on “I is for Inappropriate

  1. Okay the nerd rapper video was freakin’ awesome, but The Tourrette Squirrel video was AWESOMER!!! Can I say that? I’m so stealing that…Thanks for the laughs! *wiping tears from face*


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  4. I think the Squirrel has it by a whisker…
    Hey Miss. R are you being wicked enough
    today or what? 🙂 Just making sure 😉

    Androgoth XXx


    • Hi Sweetheart!
      Yeah, Loon totally kicked my ass on my own blog lmao. Not doing as wickedly as is the norm. No creativity, debauchery, absurd creativity or sick amusement in my head. Too much RL the last 48 hours..
      Fucking hate that.
      Damned sure that pure reality is not what we write (or read) for.
      To quote anonymous… ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story.’
      Not there and it’s after 7:00 pm here. -sigh-
      KNOW you have some goodies to share 😉


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