Off again to the Nuke Ranch

Am already 450 emails behind -am up to April 1st so no bitchin’.

Another weekend at the Ranch That Arsenic and Nuclear Testing Built; working on the toys and rides for Burning Man. Seeing friends too.

So, will be even more behind on Monday. Have a fab weekend and love the one you’re with… even if it’s yourself. Fap on.

~Your Bi(coastal) Gal

~Miss R

12 thoughts on “Off again to the Nuke Ranch

  1. For some reason I just thought of The Clapper jingle

    Fap on, fap off, it’s The Fapper!

    Might see an phenomenal increase in photo sensitive epilepsy incidents for men if it were real though.


    • great work out and sunshine! snowed Friday but by Saturday morning an hour’s drive away was working in shorts and a bathing suit top.
      Hope to see more about your project on an upcoming Barking blog.


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