L is for Laughter…

and Les Misérables.

Laughter is something we’re unfamiliar here at YoYo-Dyne. After all, Lithium is no longer available on credit* Funny how laughter and fear go together. Am thinking that’s why they do. What’s funnier than fear? Or death? Nothing! Here’s a tidbit including Laughter, Life and Les Mis…

Damn I miss living in NYC


* YoYo-Dyne (and Buckaroo Banzai devotees ) will recognize that line.

34 thoughts on “L is for Laughter…

  1. I watched this clip an hour ago and I’m still singin’! Thanks! Oh, shhh…exams for the poor students around me..I’ll sing quietly *Master of the ‘ouse…*


    • So sad. If only the credit had been extended…
      ‘Sealed with a curse as sharp as a knife. Doomed is your soul and damned is your life!’
      Dion, stay away from Planet 10 XD.
      Thanks for the comment!!


  2. I’d forgotten Matt Lucas (of Little Britain amongst other things fame) had done a turn on Les Mis.

    Ahh, Les Miserables. A musical about life in France, written by a frenchman, adapted (originally) by a different frenchman, and proudly performed in English with an East End/Essex accent.

    What. The. Fuck.

    Ah well, if Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, and Kevin Costner in Robin Hood can get away with not getting anywhere near close to right accent then it’s ok, it’s theatre daaaahhhling


    • Dug Little Britain. Used to get BBC America on cable.
      Do you one better: when I saw Les Mis on Broadway it was A musical about life in France, written by a frenchman, adapted (originally) by a different frenchman, and proudly performed in English with an East End/Essex accent…. and performed by Americans faking a British accent. WTF indeed.


  3. when I saw Les Mis Down Under it was A musical about life in France, written by a frenchman, adapted (originally) by a different frenchman, and proudly performed in English by Aussies who didn’t know what the F*** they were singing about !!!!! Ta da!!


      • Nah, because the aussies wouldn’t give a fuck. Hell, one of their most (in)famous songs was about beastiality bondage (Tie Me Kangaroo Down by Rolf Harris). It’s what I love about them… the “ahh fuck it, it’s a laugh” attitude I mean, the beastiality bondage is going a bit far


    • Well Loon, you’ll love this: I finally got a ‘not available in this country’ message when hitting the play button. F*******ck.
      Guessing it was Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport? based on the first word and next two letters visible before the freaking youtube video gave me the boot.
      Gah, learned that tune when I was about 11 or 12 (on a radio show called Dr. Demento here in the states) and still find myself singing it at odd times 🙂
      When I was a little girl my mother would sing Waltzing Matilda to me as well. Believe this is another song from Down Under.

      Most importantly…. Always wondered what Chunder was in the 80’s Men at work I come from a Land Down Under tune! Always thought I was mishearing Thunder.
      Miss Yahoo Serious
      Woop Woop, Nevada


      • You ARE the bomb Red. Grew up in LA, where the Doctor began his broadcasting on 94.7 (Little Bit of Heaven 94.7 tweedle dee) when I was a kid. Met/made friends with him as well. Fuck, feel like the dumbass name-dropper at a party that no one wants to go near. You HAD to mention the Doc and Penn in one day?!

        Have all the Demento compilation CD’s (and some vinyl). Happy to torrent them .

        Show is no longer on the air 😦 Followed his broadcasts from LA to NYC to Michigan…. then he gave up the biz. Sad day for us all.


  4. I enjoyed the mime aspect of this video
    Miss. R but afterwards I realised that my
    earphones were still engaged, mind you,
    somehow I think that this could have been
    a positive, or should I return for another
    play? 🙂 I do like to have a good play you
    know, but not usually with Les Misérables

    Have a wicked evening and be good 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx


    • Worth listening to Andro, only good tune in the entire ill-conceived production. As Bearman commented, it was 3 and a half hours of crap tunes with 2 or 3 memorable ones.
      Just because the lyrics are so wonderfully twisted do I recommend this one.

      An evening of wickedness back to you my dark friend 😉


      • I will listen to that on my next
        pass and report back to you 🙂
        Hey that sounds a bit like me
        being the school boy and you
        being the mistress 🙂 lol Well
        I will have to sort out my bits
        and pieces just in case I get
        a thrashing next time 🙂 lol

        Hey be good or else? 😉 lol

        Androgoth XXx


      • Oh Andro you sing to my heart -smile-.
        Have to tell you a secret though…. I’m a sub. Being a switch does not come naturally.
        I read that somewhere. Have no idea of what I speak….


  5. I do not think I could do an American or English production of Les Mis. I read it in English, and it did not hold a candle to it in French. I can only imagine how much it suffered making it to play, then musical, then Broadway. *shudder*


    • Red, thank your lucky stars that the damned thing is no longer running. Anywhere. If you have a kid still in HS, and they decide on Les Mis as the annual musical… you know it’s time to move them to a better/worse school


      • When we were given the choice to do Les Mis, we all passed. We did South Pacific that year. I just cannot imagine! I don’t have but a few left to go through high school. I know one who will not…like me, she could not carry a tune in a bucket on sheet music. The two youngest ones, well, they will not be performing. 😉


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