22 thoughts on “Cartoon Insomnia du jour… or du nuit

    • well hell Don it worked for me. Of course I drank the milk. Kind of like taking your kids for a drive to get them to sleep;
      the key is you stop at a bar, leave the kids in the car, and amazingly their crying and chattering no longer pisses you off on the drive back…


      • OH hell Don, keep recommending at least 50 MGs too much to the ex husbands, Silly bastages.
        Reason Two for Moving Soon: Basement full.
        Oh, let the Demon Seed’s dad live. Shitty hubby but lovely ( to her) dad.

        Well, if you consider that my daughter worked during Senior HS to help pay the utilities for ex-hubby, his new wife and her half sister. Grrrrrrr
        So GLAD she is close in SF.. and would NEVER take money from her for anything.


      • Those shitty hubbies need taking out, poked and beaten with crudely made pointed sticks and made to dig unneccesary holes all over the desert, but only if you want him to of course? 🙂 And if he asks about any lunch, well those Camel droppings need a little seasoning but they should suffice 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx


  1. WHAT THE HELL IS THE KID DOING SLEEPING WITH MUMMY AND DADDY???? Unless of course he’s Pedodad and he gave the horse tranquilizer to the missus?????? Hmm, then that kid is gonna have quite an expensive therapy bill in later life!!!!


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