19 thoughts on “All of the Good Ones Are Taken… one for the road

  1. Here’s a rare live performance by Ian. Notice the last riff is ‘All the Young Dudes’ which he wrote, but Bowie really made famous.
    Oh… and New York City’s the best.
    Can’t understand all of the lyrics live? There are several versions on youtube.
    This is for SIG, Loon and EG

    Another MP3 fave for over 10 years. Oh I miss the free days of Napster -grin-


  2. Can’t help it but here’s the ‘all star’ version of All the Young Dudes. T Rex was dead by this time..due to Marc Bolan being dead.
    Actually fun because Bowie is so young and still playing an alto sax.
    Bowie mercifully gave the sax over to David Sanborn when he toured and on the ‘Young Americans’ single. Despite seeing Bowie live at least 10 times he can’t play sax to save his life.
    Yep, Mott the Hoople (Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson) are headlining this show


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