Yep you read it here first.

Everything is gone for the last 3 weeks. Deleted. With such pain.

Yeppers. Even the PCH chances with Zombie Ed McMahon. You know I’m serious about cleaning out inbox stress when the retirement plan goes out the window. You think I’m kidding? Ha.

Show Me The Money Zombie Bitch

Tony is taking time off for a screenplay (know it’s about all of us –looks about furtively-). EG is skydiving naked on a bar (whoa! Big-ass parachute), Don is in litigation with some asshat who posted an open pic, Bearman is cartooning all of us, Michelle and Michelle are kicking asses and taking names; politically and personally. Red is chasing them down and nailing their asses to the literal floor, Hotspur is fucking with his outside  and inside life, Androgoth is being his wicked-ass self.

Rants has been deployed to Afghanistan.. again -send good thoughts!- and Loon is keeping us up to date from down under. Not to mention the fun from the Wombies in OZ… oh it goes on and I miss it.  Miss you all.

Got to say though: Shenanigans. Do over.

Almost Burn time for Miss R, and busy is the new sloth.

See you all soon!

welcome to fabulous black rock City

 ~Miss R

31 thoughts on “BLOGOCIDE!

  1. – “Searsucker.”
    – “Searsucker.”
    – “Describe a person that sucks sear.”
    – Ho ho ho ho ho ho
    *in my best Carnac the Magnificent and Ed McMahon*
    The Ed bit is kinda related to Publishers Clearing House I guess. Maybe. Or not.
    Anyway LOVE that photo of the signage, Ms. B… very, very cool!


  2. Crap, I had over 500 the other day, and I had been deleting some along the way, too. I just go to my wordpress reader and whiz-bang through the sites I sub. Then check my inbox for “real” emails and delete the notifications. I tell ya, I’ve got this down to a science!


      • I am with Binky. WordPress is getting a buttload of vacation emails from me which all say, if you are NOT a no reply bot, send your email to my real email address…
        Still just under 500 and holding.


      • Change the settings Miss. R
        I have and now my e mail inbox
        is just how I like it…

        A Ghost Town 🙂 😉 lol

        Androgoth XXx


    • Hope the screenplay is going well Honey.Thinking about you stuck on the Left Coast. Must be killing you, despite your stints in movies, etc.
      New York A Helluva Town…
      Finally quiet for the first time in five days. Made myself a wonderful dirty martini -with obligatory garlic stuffed olive- just now. It’s after midnight.
      Figured out why….. it’s just me, the Dan on iPod and sheer wonderful quiet in my own home.
      Be well. I know you’re working your tuchus to the bone.


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