Bearman’s 4th Annual Cartoon Charity Challenge

The 2012 Bearman Cartoon Charity Challenge!



It is time for Bearman’s Cartoon Charity Challenge! For the past four years one of the best cartoonists I’ve ever enjoyed has been donating money to local Cincinnati charities. Bearman did the caricature of me that you see as my Gravatar!

All of the rules are located in the links below.

Bearman in not only a fine artist but an amazing humanitarian. Add him to your blogroll, post a link to Bearman’s   amazing blog, Facebook or Google+ site.

Go to Bearman’s site and check this out. You’ll be amazed at how much he raises out of his personal funds. It costs you nothing and you’ll be helping many people in need.

The Following is from Bearman’s Charity Page

As in previous years, the first $500 raised will once again go to the Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank. This charity does great things not only to feed those in need but also to help families get back on their feet in other ways.   Anything donated above $500 to the max $1000 will go to support the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati.  I have a relative with Down Syndrome and this organization does an incredible job working with the families of those afflicted.

 But that is not all.  Some of you know I donate 100% of my commissions directly to Crayons to Computers.  It is a free store for teachers allowing them to stock up on school and art supplies for their students/classrooms.  So I am going to match dollar for dollar anything you donate to Crayons to Computers up to a max $500.  When donating just make it in Honor of Bearman Cartoons and they will know how to notify me.


Check it out, enjoy Bearman and his sense of humor, art, cartooning skills and most of all Help Out. All for free and you’ll also be a better person for it!

 ~Miss R

14 thoughts on “Bearman’s 4th Annual Cartoon Charity Challenge

  1. This is most definitely a generous offering by Bearman
    and one has to thank him for his kindness, there are not
    enough peeps like him around these days but well done
    Bearman you are one in a million 🙂

    A very nice posting Miss. R
    now get the flogging stick out
    and let’s have a whip round 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


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