Food for Obesity. Or Thought

Forever with the love of your life
Common Sense
Famous not Infamous
…you don’t get it all
~Miss R

Been MIA for close to a month. Miss you Tony, Red, Guapo, Don, Michelle, Andro, Edward, Ashley, Ahmnodt, Liqourstore Bear, Bearman and all of my other favorite excellent writers.

Life is crazy as are most of us. Here’s a quick post, written in 3 minutes for FB.

NOTE: Usually eschew FB… have no desire to waste my tad ‘o humorous genius on the huddled masses. Well okay the huddled masses are good. It’s the morons and ignorant. Believe that’s a quote from Snidely Whiplash but I could be wrong.

It’s the thought that counts

32 thoughts on “Food for Obesity. Or Thought

      • LB: best girlfriend and I went to Silver Peak yesterday for lunch and freshly brewed beer
        Original Silver Peak is 5 blocks from my place. She got me a ‘growler’ to take home. Recommend the ‘salmon and chips’ with the Red Roaster amber for a kick ass meal on the upstairs patio,
        We each took home -thanks to my bud-, a ‘growler’ of dark chocolatey smooth non sweet hoppy beer. Brain fade on the name. Every full moon the brewery will refill your growler for $4.00. Otherwise it is more.
        Get ‘yer tuchus out here and we’re on. A new micro-brewery is being built only 2 blocks away.
        Danger Danger Will Robinson.
        Oh, and while Reno is the pit of America we have hella great micro breweries and accompanying noms.


    • Oh Bob it’s so good to hear from you hon! Yeah, been underground for a while here, as well as any social media. too much craziness ’round these parts heh. Have several of your newest posts to check on. Between you and Bearman there should be a fun and art-filled afternoon in store.


        • Not you, Rachael, Bob. You and I are already friends on FB. My BlackBerry downloaded whatever you put on your profile. I whined about wanted some upgrade. SIG is the one ignoring me.

          Wait, better make that WAS ignoring me ;P ❤


          And I certainly hope you did not friend my professional account. That one is tended by bots. I N.E.V.E.R. go there. I stay on the playground. Everything which get bleeped on M3, shows up on my wall at "rattle the windows in the neighbor's house" volume. *Wicked, evil grin*


  1. A pleasure to see you again, Miss B.
    You may not get it all, but I think you got a bunch of the important ones, and here’s hoping the rest will come along. With some of that beer you describe.

    Keep on rockin, Rachael, glad to hear you’re voice!


    • EG missed you! Have a Friday Follies to look forward to tomorrow though. Which is nice.

      Believe that most of the people who run (at the mouth) in our circles have quite a few more than one of the above listed qualities.
      Being an ego-maniac with low self-esteem got me thinking about the Positive aspects in life. No one does get it all, but if we try sometimes….-insert Mick and the Boys singing-.

      How are YOU?? Missing your absurd, hysterical and intelligent voice.


  2. hi kiddo, re readership; i agree. have also been MIA, but i think finished (i hope just for now – we’ll see) anyway, will be a bit more WP active now. hope ur well and doing. continue…


  3. Hey welcome back Miss. R and what a
    wicked offering (No More MIA Or Else? 😉 lol )
    You are right about the ‘Crazy Are We’ bit
    but then again one only has to read some of
    our threads to figure that one out… But what
    a nice bunch of loons we are 😉 🙂 And I am
    honoured to be amongst your favoured nuts 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend and don’t get whipped,
    unless you really want to I mean 🙂 😉 🙂 lmfao

    Androgoth XXx Just one of the crazies…


    • Andro you are surely one of my fave crazies. Wouldn’t have it any other way 😉
      No whipping this weekend; cat just had her stitches out and cone off her head lol. Missing Goth night at a local dive club tonight due to babysitting the cat.
      Oh well. At least there’s fantasy dancing and I do have a lot of tunes.


      • Never mind you can always swing the cat around and that should wake it up 🙂 lol Of course you can always take it out on the nearest bare bottom when you finally free yourself from that puss in boots, perhaps even slap its cone on a fevered slave, at worst it will stop his bleeding moaning and at best it should help to stop that gruesome slavering… noooo I mean with that ball gag of yours restricting his breathing at every whiplash…

        It’s a good job that you know that
        I am just joking 🙂 lol Or am I? 🙂 😉

        Androgoth XXx


        • you are so bad babe. That’s why I love ‘ya. By the way, how did you know about the ball gag(s)? Hmmm nevermind.
          Suppose I could swing the cat around but I love her. The only kind of pussy I’ll deal with ~Mongo Straight~
          but not vanilla 😉


  4. Needless to say, I am glad to see you ’round these parts. No, I did not fall for the play button…*grins*

    Hope you have a good snort at the Friday Follies at my place. There is one you are going to lurv.

    Missed you muches, chica ❤


  5. Oh, you little witch…. I clicked on that damn image about half a dozen times. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

    So, been missing for a month? I hadn’t noticed… Kidding. Actually, I’ve been scarce myself. Doing some graphic work and website jobs outside of my full time job so haven’t been able to keep up on people I follow. I just deleted over 1,000 emails from WordPress in my inbox… 😀

    Glad you’re doing well. And I love that image! Stole it….


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