Where the fuck have you been?

Missed you all! Missed seeing myself in print too. Okay maybe not. The self-centeredness that consumed me is long gone. When I sleep.
Your Trusty Reno Writer always puts far too much on her plate. Sometimes really great friends and life itself add extra servings.

You got yer bi-monthly trips to Fallon, NV to work up sweat, get covered in safety-red paint, destroy fingernails, avoid horseshit, flies, Dalmatians, lizards, brown recluse spiders and acres of lung-loving dust. It’s always laugh as hard as you toil too. This describes our Work-Parties prior to Burning Man and 4th of Juplaya. Add recovery from the back surgery, a soothing girls-only weekend to Calistoga and Napa Valley wine country,Β then a dash of parenting, typical familial tribulations and a few naughty bits. Not even close to enough naughty bits.
Life is busy! The body is mangled and the pain pills are being toned down; it’s healing. The heart is a boomerang, my Spanky’s Wine Bar (our infamous Burning Man theme camp) family loves me. Might be homeless by summer’s end. So much to worry about but so much more to grin about.
Life is also a wreck! Am one of the lucky ones to walk away with a smile after the crash though.

Work Party at Skunkworks

Christopher Robbin, Sir Wheezy and Piano Wench aka Miss R. Work-Party at Skunkworks in Fallon, Nv


Demon Seed (my daughter) moi, Sir Wheezy. Working on the Teeter Totter of Death

4th Of JuplayaΒ Pics


This pilot has flown into Burning Man and 4th of Juplaya for years. This time he landed within 20 yards of our camp. FAB peeps.
Screw the FAA when it comes to the playa.


4th of Juplaya


It’s a Sloth!

Missed all of you talented writers. Have been reading your posts but no time for replies. Throwing off the shroud of sloth now.

Apologies. Missed all of you.

~Miss R

24 thoughts on “Where the fuck have you been?

  1. Yikes, I hope you’ve been well treated by the docs, my friend.
    That sloth looks like it has enough love for all of us put together, no? Crazy, these animals. You can’t trust them cuz it all comes down to instinct. I would offer that sloth a syrah/garnacha blend.


  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! You’re back!

    Boooooooooooo! Your back!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Your craic!

    Think I’ve stretched it as far as it’ll go so moving on… good to see you made the Burn n I’m guessing you had fun. Maybe one day I’ll get my ass there n join you in the frolicking although ticket availability/money/actually being allowed in the country will determine that.

    As for your back, let the saga begin! I do get the feeling it’s gonna be of Homeric proportions so I shall make sure I stay tuned, even if you do say things like”Stay tuned, same back time, same back channel” (60’s Batman reference ftw!)

    Glad you’re writing again πŸ™‚ n much love, not quite as much as the sloth shows but then that’s a lotta love



    • Null I miss you. 4th of Juplaya is NOT Burning Man. It is an ‘un-official’ pre-Burn.
      Best part pf this year? Rangers from the park service and local police going to each camp asking ‘who is the organizer?!’ hahahahahaha
      Joke’s on them. It’s an ‘underground’ gathering. Fuck ’em.
      Second best thing? The ‘Party Potty Camp.’ Those guys brought out 8 porta-potties for campers to use.
      How cool is that?
      When Spanky’s had a big camp last year we rented one. This year all the dues and work are going to the Burn.
      Last week of August and The Man burns on Saturday night of Labor Day weekend.
      4th of Juplaya: Used my friend’s ‘playa truck’ and took peeps to the porta potties, hot springs and art installations.
      Get this: Truck made it home heheheheheheh. 75 MPH racing across 100 miles of bumpy, dusty, fun playa.
      All guns returned home and Frogbat was blown up. Hmmm you may have to look this up.


  3. Hey you are back, how wicked
    and with photograph’s too now
    you are really spoiling us πŸ™‚

    I hope that Doctor Evil has been
    very good with you, not been up
    to any of his ghoulish ways 😦

    I like the little Sloth he / she is
    rather cute don’t you think? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    How do you mean is that all
    I have to say after your break…


    I will send over a team of man-slaves
    for your attention, by the way, they
    will do anything that you wish so be
    naughty and wicked and erm, well…

    Have a fun evening Miss. R
    and great to see you back,
    no that was not a sick joke πŸ™‚
    Right where’s the paddle I
    think you need a good spank
    and over there is the young
    slave of your dreams πŸ™‚ lmao

    I do hope that he is gentle with you…

    Androgoth XXx


    • Can hardly wait for my minions. You’re the best Andro. Spanking? What would make you think that? Besides my mention of owning a few original Klaw photos of Bettie πŸ˜‰
      Need the relaxation… and a cabana boy. Boys.
      Waiting impatiently…..
      ps: screw gently heh


    • Doing much better Binky! Next surgery scheduled for later this month. Have to be at Burning Man to fuck myself up some more the last week of August -and take my only vacation of the year- so re-scheduled the left side of the ablution for September heh. Be well and be bad!


  4. Glad to see you ba- returned, Miss B.
    The sphere ain’t the same without you in it.

    Sounds like you managed to get some fun in before the surgery. How they get you righted soon so you can get back on with it!


    • Hi babe!
      Feeling much better. Cancelled surgery for next month and put it off. Can’t have more surgery and still enjoy my ‘vacation’ at Black Rock City in 105F weather. Burn on and BYOD…. yeah you can figure this one out


  5. Yo! Where the fuck have you been? Back surgery???? Ugh…I hope in your drugged and druken stupor or state you managed a few laughs. Miss your lovely and smile-inducing comments at my place. Hope you are feeling ‘back’ to normal or non-normal, soon> (sorry, couldn’t resist) Take care…


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