I Rarely Leave The House…but When I Do

Been pretty quiet here recently, and have not commented on many blogs. Been busy herding 200+ cats. Which is nothing compared to what Admiral Painjoy has to accomplish. Painjoy being our Fearless Leader at Spanky’s Wine Bar at Burning Man.

Not that my weekends in Fallon (or as we call it here Falla-bama), data entry, checking up on dues, re-bolting dangerous rides, painting, etc etc  is an amusement park ride. Well, maybe if the coaster car went off the rails. Hmmmm off the rails….

So, I went out to lunch with my bestie on the 1st. She bought lunch, took me to our favorite dive bar afterwards, then the fab Mexican market, finally back to my house.

Then…. We decided to walk a block and a half to a wonderful (and pretty damned upscale) Irish pub call Ceol.

My wallet was pilfered there…. And returned to my purse. Did not even know until the 3rd when I checked my online bank account; wanted to see how much was taken out as they have overpaid me for two months by $100.00

Imagine my surprise (SUPPLIES!) to see the account cleaned out. Completely. Starting with a Burger King debit (fucking cheap-asses) then moving on to several different bank ATMs in Sparks.
Total theft: about $850.00… just about what I make in a month.

Now, I rarely do leave the house. There’s a reason the government pays me not to interact with other humans. The thieving part all took place in the town over (You know you live in Hell because you can see Sparks), Where I have been maybe 3x in 8 years. Yeah, I get around. Party on Garth.

Bank investigation did not begin until today. Apparently the financial institution of choice has no fraud employee hours over the weekend. When most people go out. Convenient eh?

My bestie spoke to her friend in the Reno DA’s office, during our lunch. Was told to not even bother filing a report; as it was under 1000.00 they probably would not even follow up. Niiiiice.

Filed a report today anyway. Online. Reno PD doesn’t have time to actually speak with you. Move along citizen.

Sent Ceol’s owners an email today demanding the bartender/server’s name for the date and times we were there. Had to be a customer or bartender or both to get my PIN.

On the bright side Michael Phelps can wrap another ribbon ‘round the old oak bong…

Yours in the 5th Circle,
~Miss R
-Certified Genius. Certified Dingbat. Certifiable.-

Addendum: Wrote three hysterical (no. really) radio ads for our camp and recorded them for BMIR -the Burning Man radio station. Population at Black Rock City/Burning Man (3rd largest city in Nevada for one week a year) is 60,000 beings this year.

Will post them as soon as I can find the correct embed code for the format. Derp.

41 thoughts on “I Rarely Leave The House…but When I Do

  1. Oh, first thought was photos at ATMs. You know, criminals are always found this way on CSI, Law and Order, pretty much every police show.
    TRUTH: There are no law requiring banks to keep ATM video records. Many do for 90 days. ONLY if it appears that the user is being coerced to use the card. Or, hopefully with my bank 90 days -the max.
    As the ATMs used were not at my bank can only hope the fraud division will get off their asses SOON.


  2. Wow, that’s really nice. And it seems so often now days that the police don’t even bother with accidents or thefts that aren’t considered major. Hope you can get the money back.


    • Ha! Bastards used the first charge at a Burger King for almost $10.00
      Worst fast food in the US. GACK!
      Did find out more info today. WILL get my money back.
      Too bad I’m screwed on all of the late charges for the rent, electric, gas, car insurance, etc.
      Not good on a fixed income. Am still fucked, but it could obviously be worse.
      Will not get my cash back, nor a chit from a local casino (don’t ask but I do not gamble) and the stress and tears.

      May they be mowed down by a dull lawnmower, then branded -each body part- with my initials. Then we can all pee on them.
      Of course at that point it will be time to go to trial.


      • Seriously, the bank can get all of the late fees and charges waived. I had my number stolen from a gas pump swipe which had an addon reader (for the purpose of fraud). When the account was emptied, the bank vouched for the lack of funds being their fault for not freezing the account.


  3. Those bloody thieves are everywhere these days Miss. R
    I hope you get everything sorted out soon, if not let me know
    and I will send the Zombies round 🙂 Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Androgoth XXx


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