This is A Heist!

The author of Barking in the Dark is my bruthah from a different muthah.

He’s been absent the last few months. Lucky bastage has a screenwriting assignment. Which is working out quite well. As opposed to we plebes. Oh wait. I fucking resent that!

In any case this is dedicated to Tony Powers. Not only is the man an amazing writer but a kick-ass musician and actor as well. Seen Goodfellas or Catch Me If You Can recently?

Go Tony. We all miss you babe


Don’t Nobody Move… This is a Heist

Miss you Tony. Come home soon


15 thoughts on “This is A Heist!

    • Red, can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t. Luckily he’ll re-post sporadically but I miss seeing his current scathing comments and thoughts. Hoping this means he’s on his way to some more Hollywood acclaim! Can’t think he’ll do anything but amazing work.


    • Thanks Don, and yeah who doesn’t miss him. He’d better get his butt in gear and back east again. Otherwise you, Red and myself will have to make a trip to Hollyweird to get our Algonquin Round Table 3000 on -grin-


  1. OK, why was I not informed about this caustic writer of considerable note. Do you think, seeing he is Hollywood bound, it might be possible he could get me Pauly Shore’s autograph?


    • Awwww thank you EG for the compliment. Yep, Tony is missed. going to get back on the keyboard here soon.
      Just another back surgery two weeks ago, plus all the work for Burning Man -starts in 12 days. Feel like I’m herding 200 cats… the number of campers/members of Spanky’s.
      Being your executive Bar Bitch (aka Manager) brings with it great responsibilities. Not to mention Percocet for the back heh.
      Miss you too! Been lurking when I can.


      • I hope that you will be lurking more often Miss. R
        and how is that creep of a Doctor treating you? 😦
        I do hope that his bedside manner has improved
        otherwise we might have to dig a hole for him 🙂 lol

        Hey I was only joking 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx


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