This is Why We Burn

You will notice my camp, Spanky’s Wine Bar, at 52 seconds in.

Notice the joy, amazement, amazing city sized art installations such as Burn Wall Street. Evidenced in this video with a shot of Bank of UnAmerica.
Happiness and laughter at seemingly bizarre sights.
Art is in the air. As is understanding, open minds, and the originality of too many people to count.. and better yet those artists who wish to remain anonymous.

Burning of the Man shows happiness, joy, laughter and party time.

The Temple Burn is about inner thoughts.
Pin drop time. Honorary time.
The Temple is shown in several shots and is the place to go and leave written, vocal, and artistic showers of love and memories to those who have passed the preceding year. When the Temple burns it is serious. And quiet.

As with the Man the Temple structure is different each year. Many people volunteer their time, money and love to build both of these edifices.

Burning Man is not a bunch of hippies taking drugs and getting naked in the desert.
Well okay it’s that too.
Burning Man is about expression, no boundaries, art, making your own music, finding others who share your fetish, love of vegetarian food, desire of bacon with every meal, yoga, home made music and what YOU want it to be.

This is a wonderful video and I’m happy to share it with you. Be well. Be crazy. Be yourself.
~Miss R

ps: Daughter is doing better and seeing her counselor starting Monday.
Weirdly enough she got an email from the BM ORG today. Her backpack was turned in.
It was thrown away by her attacker… but some good soul made sure it appeared in the vast lost and found of 60,000 people.
Not every person is bad. The playa is normally safe. Send loving thoughts to my daughter.
That’s it.

19 thoughts on “This is Why We Burn

  1. Glad to hear good daughter news. Hearts and support and blessings and well wishes by the truckload.

    Awesome video. I would wish for something like that here, but the thought of that many ignorant people in one place would open a black hole.

    Much love sweetness,


    • Thank you Red. as for ignorant people, they aren’t in my camp. We had a great range of Spankers this year especially. My great friend Doc Moc (an emergency room physician), a dentist, a woman who works with sexual abuse victims, three attorneys (hmmm do they count?), MANY world travelers, authors, two quite famous photographers, artists, musicians, authors, an executive producer for The Simpsons…. I tolerate idiots no more than yourself.
      Now…. when we did get people who were ignorant cretins showing up at our camp for free cocktails we made a point of humiliating them.
      We pointed our fingers and laughed; after making them play our dice game. Way too many people dumb enough to roll the dice for a chance to get up on the bar and stir their cocktail with er, uh, cock….tail.

      As an aside, having an ER doc, sexual abuse counselor, psychologist and good intelligent people surrounding us was Wonderful for Cate. We had help available immediately.

      Be well Red! xxx


  2. So glad to hear your daughter is doing well.

    That video was incredible! There is so much work put in to many of the art, props, displays, etc that are there. Now, question… the temple-like “house” that burned at the end – after the burning man – I have seen photos of a temple either just like that or very similar to it. If they burn it every year, who creates the one for next year? And the details in the temple work…. I cannot imagine having something like that made on a yearly basis….

    Help me out here. Thanks!


    • Each year a grant is given for the Temple, and fundraisers held. It is constructed wherever the builders/artist/architect are located.
      Last year it was created here in Reno and I had a chance to see it before it was unassembled, taken to the playa, and reassembled.
      Each year it is different, and each year more beautiful at least to me.
      The first temple was built, and burned in 2000 I think. Am not sure how they award the grant and permission to the artists responsible for design.


    • Many thanks Loon. Yes, what happened was horrible. But as my daughter has said ‘I’m going back next year because I will NOT allow this (her attack) to be my memory!’
      The video posted is truly representative of the city, and mercifully my daughter’s experience is an anomaly.


  3. My continued best thoughts go out to your daughter (and you), Ms. B… more than I know how to express.

    I can’t get over the scale of that work! Talk about guts, too… I’d have a very difficult time torching something I’d put so much time and effort into (I don’t see much that looks just ‘slapped together’)… it’s kinda beautiful at the same time, though…
    something else for me to aspire to, I guess.


    • Thank you Bob. Been slow to write or answer. Clearly been bizarre around here. You are a wonderful person, besides a great artist, and I so appreciate your words 🙂
      You must place Burning Man on your bucket list…. and be ready to torch the artwork to the world!


  4. I hope that you are feeling my good vibes and of course I do also send my loving wishes to your daughter, she is a very brave young lady and I am very happy that she is now getting help through a counsellor, which will certainly help a lot I think…

    In recent days I have taken the opportunity of looking at your Burning Man and one can easily see that the annual event is held for like minded individuals to not only have entertainment on many levels, but to let inhibitions relax a little (okay a lot then 🙂 ) and to enjoy artistic expressionism, the delights of wickedness, nakedness in moderation (Watch It or Else? 🙂 ) and let the boundaries that some people frown upon, be a thing of the past, after all what is wrong with lots of happy peeps doing their own thing? 🙂

    Hey you go for it girl, I know this last one has been an unhappy experience but like your daughter has valiantly said, she is not going to let this terrible happening ruin her feelings towards something that she really likes and personally I think that train of thought is a most courageous and immeasurably mature way of thinking, what a lovely daughter you have Miss. R 🙂

    Have a great rest of evening and I hope that your back is not giving you too much pain and if it is then just think of a hundred ways of kicking that doctors ass 😉 🙂

    Andro XXx


  5. OMG Rachel! after that video, I have decided that I WILL go before I die…. I might be the topless granny with the boobs bouncing off my knees! I have not seen so many beautiful things in one place….. I’m glad to hear that kiddo is coping well (strong lady…. hmmmm… I wonder where she gets that from?) You never fail to tickle me with your posts….. Thank you for sharing all of your world, good and bad. Hugs to one of the coolest chickies I know!!! ❤ Wishing you luck and more drugs for next back surgery!


  6. Great news about your daughter! Glad she’ll be seeing a counselor and keeping herself as herself.

    Also glad that you still have good overall feelings about something so important to you.
    Nice video!


  7. My heartfelt blessings for your daughter. The good thing about this blogosphere, you know, is that when people just simply write that, an emanation of good energy comes your daughter’s way – this I do believe.

    I haven’t seen the video yet, just read your words, but now after comments I’m very curious, & will view.


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