The Semi-Annual Top 15 Halloween Tunes

As usual I’ve been busy getting Funeral for A Friend up to speed on the piano. Neighbors dig me…. Not so much last week when I pulled my fave-to-play Halloween tune out of the floorboards. Dear god my piano softly wept. The neighbors,  not so softly.

 So without further ado:

  1. Every Day is Halloween –Ministry
  2. Funeral for a Friend – Elton John
  3. Corpse Grinding Man – Harley Poe
  4. Superstition –Stevie Wonder
  5. Werewolf – The Frantics
  6. Time Warp –Rocky Horror Picture Show
  7. Werewolves of London – Warron Zevon (also playing this daily –but an easy tune)
  8. I Put A Spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  9. Little Drop of Poison – Tom Waits
  10. RE: Your BrainsJonathan Coulton
  11. Hell – Squirrel Nut Zippers
  12. Bad Things – Jace Everett.(True Blood theme song)
  13. Bad Moon Rising – CCR
  14. Psycho Killer –Talking Heads
  15. Ghost Town –Shiny Toy Guns

Well, it seems there are some new Samhain tunes in town since the last YoYo-Dyne list. It makes an evil girl weep tears of joy. Mind you, this list reflects the author’s opinion.

On the other hand (THING?!) feel free to nominate any others you can think of.

NOTE: any mention of Monster Mash, Twilight Zone, Friday the 13th Theme or anything by Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper will be laughed off the comments page.

Just too easy.

Let us end this fine playlist with a few atrocious pictures of Halloween costumes… that you wouldn’t be caught dead (or decaying) in.

As for Miss R? I’ll be adorned as a serial killer. The costume my usual street attire of black skirt, black stockings, FMPs and black low cut blouse.

No, it’s not Goth.  It’s just that serial killers look like anyone else on the street.

Trick or Treat my friends. Oh, and don’t shoot the piano player.

most offensive 2012 costume

Most Offensive costume of 2012

Pedo Bear Approved!

Damned furry footed freakin’ Hobbits

56 thoughts on “The Semi-Annual Top 15 Halloween Tunes

  1. Awesome playlist. Good to see you in time for All Hallow’s Eve ❤ You have been missed. #6 my FAVE. I so miss the midnight movies. And throwing bread. *grins*
    Much love,


  2. Psycho Killer is one of my favourites. Love the penis costume. I can just imagine the looks on people’s faces when a large brown penis knocks on their door & shouts trick or treat. For the trick he urinates all over you if you don’t give him a treat.


  3. What a rockin’ posting Miss. R
    of course you need to zip over
    to Youtube and find that song
    called ‘Carry on Screaming’ its
    a real ghoulish one, well a bit 🙂
    Your fine list hits all the notes
    and I really like the whole post,
    not sure what that guy is doing
    in that oversized dong though
    unless it is wishful thinking 😉 lol
    Well he does look a prick in it
    for sure 🙂 lmao

    Okay everyone line up for the
    Rocky Horror Picture Show 🙂
    We have an epic Time Warp
    tp perform and being naked is
    optional, no it isn’t get your kit
    off pronto, or else? 😉 lol

    Thank you Miss. R this is deffo
    a wicked Halloween offering and
    I like it a lot, I also like your post 🙂

    Andro xxx


  4. Oh and another thing, you have to be very
    careful in those short skirts, stockings and
    a very low cut blouse 😉 How do you mean
    why? 🙂 Well I’m not telling so hard lines 😉

    Pleased that you enjoyed the Zombie Walk
    and Crawl, and the rest 😉 🙂 Be GOOOOOD

    Andro xxx


  5. #7 should be #1, and #6, #2. Not that I’m complaining. Well, maybe a little. And I do like Monster Mash just because it’s so silly. Sorry.


    • Well I did place a link to Warren, and yeah Monster Mash is always a top 10. That’s why I tried to think of something different this year.
      Of course as Red says… Time Warp is the ONLY line dance I’ll do 😉
      We just had our first (and probably only) trick or treater. Live in a neighborhood of artists, college students and hipsters. Not many kids.
      Except me.
      My own (19 year old) daughter is having a massive party in my creepy basement. Am staying upstairs to make sure nothing disappears… such as the pancake mix or waffle iron.


  6. To quote Chen in Oceans 11 “Where fuck you been?!”

    Yup, prepare for profanity laden comments and appreciation of a good playlist, tis me.


    Fuck yeah! Schweet list of playdom mutha hubbard!

    It’s half 4 in the morning which may explain the… sketchy nature of my comment. Either way, good to see you (and your inimitable taste). And don’t forget, vote for the person most likely to let you off being naked in public


  7. A fantastic set of musical fantastitude, Miss B,
    We expect nothing else from you.

    Hope it was a productive Halloween, and the local shelters received copious donations of “mystery meat”…


    • Lots of mystery meat was donated… most of it from the wreck of left-over hooligans that invaded my basement. Foolishly allowed the Demon seed and her friends to throw a party, and the basement is uber-creepy.
      Naturally there were at least 100 people in and out until almost 5:00 am. Apparently their Halloween party is still being talked about. Every so often I’d shuffle on down there… only to see people I knew.
      Dear god it never ends. No really. Found an empty beer bottle mixed in with my laundry basket behind the washer.
      You’ll love this: Had at least 25 ‘visitors’ come upstairs on their way to the bathroom. They all hung out with me for a time because my music was cooler than what was being played in the basement.
      We old fuckers still have taste 😉


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