A Plethora of Foolishness: A Guide to El Guapo

El Guapo: The Man. The Myth. The Misanthrope.

Today’s Music: Volga Boat Song/Let’s All Dance to Joy Division Mash-Up

You may think that you know El Guapo but you are mistaken my friend.
From his humble beginnings as an Irish Satanic Hindu living on the streets of Paris, selling matchbooks to wealthy Japanese tourists, his exploits continue to amaze the blogosphere.

Certainly he has Alpine skied the Great Lakes, surfed the titan swells of Barstow, and of course his most fabulous feat: Using his parachute but once during that historic dive from the highest most point of the roller coaster on Casino Pier atop Seaside Heights, NJ. AFTER Hurricane Sandy.

El Guapo is truly a living legend.

Here a few pointers you’ll need to truly enjoy Guapola, the home of El Guapo.


BYOB. This tip was passed along from an anonymous high school friend. Guap was once heard to mention over mystery meat and expired milk “Sonny won’t Cher” (sic).


The man loves Poles. Sadly he is Anti-Semantic in person and purposely taunts his ‘common’ readers with correctly placed semi-colons. Not to mention full bladders as he guzzles his daily beer intake. See Above. We are not aware of his full colon exploits.


The El Guano Cave: do not attempt to fund an expedition to his top secret location in Gotham. Although he does reveal his present whereabouts as The City he is in current litigation with next door neighbor, a Mr. Bruce Wayne. Court documents have been sealed but it appears that a conflict has arisen over bats in the belfry.


Never attempt to dissuade El Guapo from his taste in music. Do not laugh, condescend nor feed the animal. It is rumored that he once beat a 43 person crowd of Kenny G. fans to death with a small mammal. Another rumor has it that he used marsupial road-kill as back up.


His weekly Friday Foolishness blog posts are funded by The People’s Front of Judea. Do not mistake this organization for a Zionist conspiracy. Mr. Guapo appears to have chosen the name of this alleged charity organization in order to funnel money. Yes! The proceeds from his writing are wired into a Swiss bank account, via the Cayman Islands (where El Guapo purports to ‘surf’). Money is then transferred to the World Wide Organization for Flies and Sewage. DBA records show that this shell company is a wall shielding The Sally Struthers Anorexia and B-Actress Eradication Program. The man does not wish the world to know of his philanthropic slant.
What else can be said of this adventurer, explorer, giver and supporter of the underprivileged?

Well let’s check this shit out!

El Guapo Birthday Poll

Roman Polanski

El Guapo Readers I hope that this Primer helps your understanding of the madness and brilliance that is El Guapo.
Let us all wish him a Happy Birthday!

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p.s. blame Red heh

54 thoughts on “A Plethora of Foolishness: A Guide to El Guapo

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  3. You are right Miss. R he is a living legend, a mystery amongst the stars, a traveller of the oceans, deserts, playing fields of the world and prodigy of Harry Potter’s uncle Cedric, yes he has many guises and all with a very special slant on wickedness, actually there are rumours that he circum…

    Wait for it, circumnavigated the planets, given Superwoman a bit of a grope behind Batman’s cape and bathed in asses milk with Jordan but as this is just a rumour we will have to leave it there for now. His naked bungee jumping is said to sweeten the hearts of Zombie lovers and feed innocent nuns into a frenzy of naughty pleasures, whatever that means?

    His singing voice is likened to Tom Jones offering a night of frantic and feverish panty throwing antics from all of his female admirers, of which there are thousands. It is said that one kiss from his lips lasts a thousand orgasms but again these rumours are based on legend so unless anyone knows whether this is fact or fiction you girls will just have to ponder the myth and hope it is all true. Oh yes and … Happy Birthday El Guapo 🙂 🙂

    This is a great posting Miss. R 😉 🙂

    Andro xxx


    • Andro, if I were capable of writing in the poetic style in which you excel yours may have been my tribute. As for circumnavigating, well that’s best left to Guap’s Polls, as opposed to his Mohels…
      Many thanks Andro


      • I really enjoyed your posting Miss. R and I hope that El guapo has been over to yours, and being his wicked self I would imagine that he has brought you gifts of plenty and a nice selection of… Well something naughty anyway 😉 lol Have a very nice Friday and remember be good, if you can I mean? 😉 🙂

        Andro xxx


  4. Rachael,
    El Guapo and Polanski in the same post… Guapo might be too old for our favourite Polish director… But what do I know…
    Le Clown
    PS: What do you call a Polish man dancing on a pole? (don’t even answer this one).


    • Glad that I could shed some light on the information everyone needs to know. Ones of dollars were spent on private detectives and a $5.00 bribe to his wife for other unmentionable (until next year) information.
      Thank you for checking in…. and Happy Birthday Guap!


    • Ha! You noticed the shark. Many thanks. Have you any idea how difficult it was to catch El Guapo in the Cayman’s with that beast setting upon him?
      Dear god, if it weren’t for PhotoShop surreptitious pictures these images may never have seen the light of day.
      Thanks for the props. More thanks to EG!


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  7. The People’s Front of Judea…I should have suspected as much…

    THIS is an awesome tribute (Seriously!!), though I can’t believe a single word of it. I mean …except the part about the Kenny G fans, I’m pretty sure that’s true. And the part about the El Guano Cave, that’s on youtube so, yeah, also true.

    Any of those martinis left? A toast…Happy Birthday El Guap-Taco! Viva!


  8. To be fair, those Kenny G fans were asking for it.
    If it’s any consolation, I did feel bad afterwards about using the ferret.

    Well, indifferent anyway…

    Miss B, if a man is judged by the company he keeps, I’ll stand next to you and take whatever rewards come.
    Thanks so much for this – absolutely loved it!


    • EG: Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂
      I harbor no ill will towards your bloody swath through bad musical history. I salute you (and your ferrets)!
      Far be it from me to do anything but cheer your hideous and sickening death-kick to those musicians unworthy of our aural interest.

      But Seriously Folks…. Happy Bitchin’ Birthday Babe 😉


    • Be careful what you wish for El Guapo
      Rachael is at this very moment reaching
      for her paddle, handcuffs and… Well it
      will certainly be a surprise that’s for sure 😉

      Is that an El Guapo I can hear screaming
      in the background, ahhhh well never mind
      the sting will go… Eventually 🙂 lol



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    • …’Forgive me, El Guapo. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?’
      Thanks BuddaKat!


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