Happy Apocalyptic Eve!

Ho ho ho! Santa Cohen de  Muertos here

to wish you all a happy end of days!

Don’t forget to leave out a bowl of festive body parts -and a side of  fava beans. May you all be blessed with a fiery death and a new beginning wherever your afterlife takes you.

YoYo-Dyne’s Scientific Proof of Exactly HOW the Mayans have done away with Our World…

mayan end of the world. YoYo-dyne Burns!

26 thoughts on “Happy Apocalyptic Eve!

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Working on my final post right now! It’s about the Apocalypse too! But first I have to decorate a sparkly Christmas bell and strain the curds out of my Canadian Cream. See you on the other side. You goin’ up or down? LOL. I’ll see you for sure 😉


  2. You scientific proof is irrefutable. Besides, all the refuters will be kingsford briquettes by the morrow! Merry ‘pocalypse!!


  3. I am just calling by with a spare set of handcuffs and a DIY Smack the Slave’s Ass Booklet, it has all the finest fetishes for you to ponder, delight in, drool over and feel the exquisite buzz of a never-ending spree of wanton naughtiness 🙂 Oh and do remember to take full advantage of section sixty through sixty nine and don’t get caught in mid chew, or is that mid June? 😦 Noooo wrong booklet, anyway as I was saying, the big night is getting closer and closer so slap on some of your naughtiest translucent offerings and be ready to do anything that I say 😉 lmao

    Okay so page seventy five has a failsafe nude slave clause but that can only be accessed if the end of the world fails to engage during slap and tickle mode 🙂

    Right so what have you learnt so far? 😉 Well you know almost all there is to know about slave torture and ghoulishly contrived ass slapping and have certainly been treated to a manual of wicked thoughts, with at least fifteen new positions you never even thought possible, been coached on the stripping of the head honcho big boy and even know almost all there is to know on the subject of naked finger painting so how about that for slapping a few extra bottoms at Christmastime? 😉 lol

    Okay I am out of here, just make sure that you
    are ready to enjoy everything on the 22nd or else? 😉



    Andro xxx


    • Andro… oh if only the concord still ran (or flew). Pre-Apocolypic spankings are the best. Or so I’ve read. In Revelations. Know it’s in there somewhere.
      Believe it’s between Pillar of Salt and Gomorrah.


      • Yes Concorde, a
        beautiful ride for sure 😉
        Pour the Champagne
        darling… I fancy a bit 😉
        Hey a drink I meant…

        Cheeky 😉 lol

        Merry Christmas Rachael 😉

        Andro xxx


    • Binky: Wine gums: CHECK! Chocolate: Check! Pancake Mix: Check!
      starting in on the wine gums at midnight… just because I hear Mayans enjoy human flesh and my chances are better at finishing the bag ‘o gums!


        • It’s twue it’s twue!
          p.s. Still have MORE than a bag and a half of (highly addictive) Wine Gums left for the remaining holidays.
          Binky, I had to have a few for the Solstice celebration today


          • I hope you had enough wine gums to last until Christmas. And if you have some left for New Year’s eve, you can plant a few by the light of the (almost) full moon and hopefully they’ll grow into a nice wine gum shrub by spring.


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