32 thoughts on “My HP Axed Me to Post This

  1. Bwahaha! I would drink with him in a eye bat. Speaking of which. It has been a horror show week with me pubbing a book where I kill half a dozen people, a few animals, a wife and a demon. Time for a tequila.
    xxxx ❤


    • HA! Bob, when I purchased a home in Michigan the Realtor, not knowing about my relationship with Bill W, gave me a bottle of Redrum. The reason was a mirror I had up as a prop in my retail store Cabin Fever. Yep, had painted Redrum on it in red dripping paint 😉
      Kept that bottle (full heh) until I moved and one of the employees accidentally knocked it down and it broke. Oh did the store smell like a drunkard’s heaven that week!


  2. This is one of your creepy type postings isn’t it Miss. R? 🙂 How do you mean why am I smiling then? 🙂 🙂 Well I like it of course 😉 lol Have a wonderful Hump Day be good 🙂 xxx


  3. I just heard today that King is putting out the sequel to The Shining on September 24!

    I’m so happy to meet you out here in Blogland. I look forward to following you and getting to know you!



    • Hi Christy!
      apologies for the late reply. Oopps!
      A sequel? Wow. Loved the book, and when the Kubrick film version came out I hated it. Took years before I was able to enjoy the film for what it was.
      See what happens when we read the book first?!


      • Hey R! No worries, I have a few slip through the cracks too. I’ve enjoyed seeing you around the blogs, thanks for stopping by my corner too! I’ll catch up with you in a few days when I’m back in the states.

        And oh yeah, the book is always better, at least 99.257% of the time!


      • Good, I like it when you are bad 🙂 😉
        Oh yes and don’t be skimping on the
        wicked either or else? 😉

        How is your daughter getting along, I
        often wonder if she is alright but don’t
        like to keep bugging you, well you know
        what I mean 🙂

        Okay time to have a bit of a stroll around
        our WP pals and see what everyone has
        been getting up to, well it’s either that or I
        add another video 🙂 lol

        Andro xxxx


        • Keep the vids coming Andro. Or I’ll send those zombies knocking on your crypt!
          My daughter, the beloved Demon Seed, is doing great. She just finished semester finals. Whew. Don’t know which of us were more stressed heh. She is going back to Burning Man with me this year and we both have our tickets. Going down to San Francisco to visit her in a few weeks. She is the ONLY person I’d ride a bus 6 hours to see. Am promised space on the floor of her bedroom (which she shares with another student; the bedroom itself. she shares the full 2 bedroom apartment with 4 other people lmao) to sleep too.
          I’m looking forward to this trip more than I would a cruise to the Bahamas. Unless it were a cruise with the Demon Seed 🙂

          Love you for asking about her.
          Wicked Kisses to you my Darkest Darling! xoxoxoxo


          • I am really pleased that your daughter is doing so well and yahoooooo for finishing her semester finals, wow great stuff or what? 🙂 I think a party should be on the cards, okay then straight away, like pronto, like now I mean 🙂 I can just picture you sharing the bedroom floor with, well with whoever else might be stopping over, have you thought of that scenario by any chance? 😉 lol Mind you it could be wicked and with your in depth experience at The Burning Man I think that no man will be safe from your magical kit, you know the naughty one that none of us are supposed to know about, okay well somewhere in there you will have the dreaded ass-slapper complete with spiked studs and other evil contraptions for anyone getting too familiar 🙂

            It’s a good job you know I am a bit of a joker 🙂 lol Actually the Bahamas sounds exquisite, maybe we should all jet off there and find some slaves to… Well to do whatever we like in case you were wondering what the hell I am blathering about again 🙂 😉 Anyway it is so brilliant knowing that everything is fine and that you will be seeing her shortly, now that should be something to blog about when you return and don’t forget the photographs either, or else? 🙂

            Have a wicked rest of evening Miss. R 🙂

            Andro xxxx


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