A-Z for April: Two’fer Monday

I blame this interaction with humankind on Red from Momma’s Money Matters. She is the only high-heeled-wielding-wench evil enough to get yours truly to go forth amongst the the huddled masses with regularity. Retaliation shall be fierce and swift. Well maybe not swift, I have to vacuum the cat, comb the lawn and finish laundry.

April fools! No really it is the second….Shit. Gotta do it. Someone has to. That someone is me. which brings me to ‘A‘ which stands for asshole…. but also alcoholic.

So here are two two two posts in one. From A to B. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, A to B runs the gamut of my lexical skills.

April 1st. “A

A is for Alcoholic:

My Alcoholic Friends by Dresden Dolls:

Which Brings us to April 2nd. B.”

Pretty close. My alcoholic friends play in Burning Band and attend Burning Man. Many are uber famous…but behind the scenes of our respective industries. Or in front. No one gives a shit what you do in the ‘real world’ in Burning Band. Can you play ‘In Heaven There is No Beer?’ How about ‘Down by the Riverside’? All in B flat? You’re in!

Burning Band Alcoholics

What you are not seeing in this picture is are the other 50+ members of the band and our –beer wagon-. We also have Burning Band Standard Bearers with the band’s name. Said Beer Wagon is decorated with our logo, private stash, extra reeds, banjo/guitar strings,drum sticks, kazoos, ice, rolling papers and is akin to a ‘tip jar’ on wheels. At Burning Man no money is allowed. It is a total gift /exchange economy. Tips are always fun and definitely unusual…and useful.

Being a Band member has never been so Bitchin’. Have video of Burning Band but hell if I know how to upload it. Any help is welcome. It’s a .wmv and on my FB.  Too long since I’ve done a website with video….that wasn’t Flash.

Oh, Here’s a small picture of the famous Little Black Dress Parade: Hosted by Spanky’s Wine Bar and led by Burning Band. Ah the days when we were one camp….Burning Band. Find the Piano Wench

Whew two days down. A shitload to go. I’ll get you Red…..

~Miss R

22 thoughts on “A-Z for April: Two’fer Monday

  1. I will be following your challenge with interest Miss. R
    and thank you for adding the Burning Band from Spanky’s
    Wine Bar, I can see from this one that there is plenty of
    this, that and obviously the other behind and in front of
    the scenes, though unfortunately the best bits are out of
    sight but hey we all have that wicked kind of imagination 🙂

    Have a ghoulish rest of evening Miss. R 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    • Thank you sweetie! Am a day behind -(D is for Dumbass)- and will post today at some point. Abusing my Photoshop skills to create a graphic for each Letter of the alphabet.
      Yeah…. I don’t need to purchase just a vowel. I need to purchase a life.
      A wicked Hug back atcha Andro!


  2. So that’s what the fumes I’ve been smelling is…. Burning band hangover must be something 😯
    I hope there ain’t no burning bandwagon because that would be downright unfortunate!!!


  3. I am over the moon ❤ You are the absolute bestest!! Just for that, I am going to have to find you a new shoe service. A and B are awesome!

    You should have heard my bonnie proper Brit, Beauregard (Beau for short) reading to me about Burning Man…Sweet.

    Oooooooooooooooooooooodles of love,


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