Bearman’s Yearly Acts of Kindness: How to Use a Cartoonist’s Money to Help Others

Each year Bearman uses his talent to bring not only karmic points into your life, but  much-needed material items for those in need. Especially those in the Cincinnati area.

Follow the simple instructions located on and pitch in. It costs you nothing but a few minutes. In return one of the finest cartoonists on the web (and an undisclosed planet near our own) gives out of his pockets to help others.

If you’re not familiar with this artist it’s about damned time you check out his work. Funny, colorful, imaginative and his skewed commentary via caricatures and full ‘toon panels will convert you to the Bear Side.
Note: The Dark Side has cookies. The Wombie Side has Wine Gums and the Bear Side has…um, well, Bare Naked Joy!

Tune In, Help Out, Meet The Artist and if you’re very very lucky… Get Mugged in broad daylight. In my case,  A Broad mugged in full Bear Light.

Clickity Click on link right below!

Bearman Cartoons Charity Challenge 2013

2013 Charity Challenge

2 thoughts on “Bearman’s Yearly Acts of Kindness: How to Use a Cartoonist’s Money to Help Others

  1. I agree let’s empty his wallet and let the moths free,
    well in Bearman’s defence his wallet is always open for
    his chosen charities and this annual gift is a very nice
    gesture indeed 🙂 🙂 He isn’t sharing my pancakes though
    Miss. R as I figure there isn’t enough for you and me if I
    do that, mind you he can have some of these extra large
    wine gums, that should keep him busy 🙂 lol

    Andro xxxx


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