16 thoughts on “Happy Day, You Mothers!

    • Thanks Guap! Didn’t know how many folks would get the reference. Can always count on you for classic pop culture and music 😉
      Hope you and your honey had a great mom’s day as well.


  1. Oh, man… I’m pretty embarrassed… I didn’t even get the reference! And I used to watch Dr. Who all the time when I was a kid, too (is this related to the ‘new’ version?)! And by ‘new’ I mean, you know, post Tom Baker (because that’s how ridiculously far behind I am)!


    • No worries Bob.
      Yeah, this is post Tom Baker. Taken from probably the creepiest episode ever aired. Check it out.Not that I would ever endorse Pirate Bay -snort-..
      Friend of mine in college turned me on to The Doctor. LOVE the ‘new’ Docs. My daughter and I watch them together when she’s home on breaks from school.


    • Thank you Binky!! Hope to my have daughter here with me next year. We’ll be hanging with Victor, Victoria and then Cate (said daughter) can make the pancake for Mother’s Day Brunch!


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