ACK! Hairballs and Beautiful Big Babes

Bill the Cat ACK!

My terrific tuchas was seated, preparing to start in on this blog. Today’s diatribe had been pondered and expanded in the dark, humorous and still functioning portion of my neo-cortex.  Suddenly from behind came the dreaded, soul stealing, inspiration killing sound of… HORK.
It was Lizzie Borden, known deranged Queen of Inbred Persian Catdom, spewing forth hairball goodness. On the bedspread. The new beige bedspread.

This morning I’d decided to write a piece on body image. Specifically the obsession with impossibly thin women and men. Such a post it was to be! Complete with Fabulous Fotos of Fine-Ass Fatties, the beauty of individuality, sexy attire for all bodies and finally words of encouragement, help and empowerment.

Apparently it wasn’t meant happen. After hauling the bedspread down to the basement I couldn’t stop laughing.
The basement furnace (circa 1928) is where I incinerate the junk mail,  Jehovah’s Witnesses religious pamphlets and occasional census taker forms. After staring at the furnace the bedspread was dumped into the washing machine.

We’ll give the beauty and pain post another go tomorrow.
Remember: When life gives you cat vomit make cat vomit milk shakes!*

~Miss R

*Note: This flavor no longer endorsed to bring the boys to your yard

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47 thoughts on “ACK! Hairballs and Beautiful Big Babes

  1. OMG Rachael, “cat vomit milk shakes!?!?” The funny cat image got me going, but that line had me literally ROFLMFAO! 😆

    Can’t wait to see those Fabulous Fotos of Fine-Ass Fatties! 😉


  2. Cats are evil soulless bastards. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just who/what they are. Good to see Lizzie is doing her work as it should be done, I can only imagine such acts are a calming, centring influence (or in human terms – so bloody frustrating you have no time to focus on whatever else is bugging the shit out of you)


  3. I love that your cat is named Lizzie Borden. There’s nothing like the sound of a cat horking up a hairball, isn’t there. I have three cats and sometimes it’s a veritable symphony in here.


  4. Beautiful big babes, now you’re talking I cannot abide those litte skinny gals with no, I mean with no cheescakes in the fridge 🙂 I bet you thought that I was going to be naughty for a moment there but then as I am never naughty that idea is wasted on me, now what was I talking about? Ahhh yes big and beautiful babes, well as long as there is plenty of naughtiness I am all for it, I mean that, I mean the other, oh buggery you know what I mean and it is probably ALL of the above 😉 🙂 Now grab some wickedness and let’s party 🙂 lol No Zombies allowed though as they are too blood thirsty for the average weekend party dweller, of course if you fancy a bit I can always drop my… Hey I am talking about the Zombies, I meant that I could always drop my Zombies and bring along a few girls instead, or is that ghouls? 🙂 lol

    You just have a wonderful weekend with lashings of
    everything that you like the most 🙂 Wow what a thought 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx


  5. First, it was just that the beige was in need of some color coordination. Cats always know! Living with two myself I finally determined they could not attend me in the bedroom, they have no sense of decorum (especially my Persian).

    This was perfect for a Sunday morning.


    • Val, glad your Sunday morning was a hork-free zone! Didn’t remember you had a pesky Persian! You are obviously far better at cat-wrangling than myself. Must learn your trade secrets


  6. Well… I guess hearing it might have been better than not… maybe! I know from experience that when you are on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and your foot finds that dreaded mystery ‘squish’… well… it’s just never going to be very pleasant!


    • Bob, you feel my pain! Not to mention late-night surprises.
      What’s truly great is having a guest step in one. This happened the other day. How I managed to miss an offering, located directly in the front doorway area, is a mystery.


    • Rants,
      that was the idea I was trying to get across. Damn.
      We obviously have the same idea, even if mine didn’t make the journey alive heh
      I detest not being unable to locate a sarcasm font and being forced to the strike code instead!


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