A Serious Post from your usually Not Serious Bi Polar Writer

I was generously offered the opportunity to write a guest post for one of my favorite sites, Black Box Warnings. Some of you may have already  read the piece, but it is under my name, not YoYo-Dyne.

I hesitate to post it here, as it is very personal and not YoYo-Dyne material. It deals with mental illness and Bi-Polar Disorder, and not in my usual passing manner.

If you are interested you can find it here. http://blackboxwarnings.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/heavy-mental-2/

Thank you to my readers… this post will probably cost me a few heh. Damn, I just hit 1000 readers/follows this weekend too. Yay me!

Take Care,

~Miss R

30 thoughts on “A Serious Post from your usually Not Serious Bi Polar Writer

    • Doing my best Don. The post generated so many responses I’m a ball of anxiety and, to use the vernacular, freak-out.
      Will be lucky to absorb and answer the comments in a week’s time.
      You’re such a sweetie. One of these days I’ll get my ass out East and we’ll have that Dinner of the Deranged Bloggers evening!


  1. I would be surprised if you didn’t pick up readers after that post, Ms. B…
    it’s honest, powerful and thought-provoking… it’s real. And real is good, I.M.H.O.
    I very, very admire your determination, courage and your strength – those are the traits that you should be judged by.


  2. Thank you SIG (aka Robert aka Bob aka That Genius Multi-Medium Artist). Don’t know if you’re right about the readership, but I DO know I have people who care.
    Have always considered you to be one. Don’s another, Guap, Andro, BrainRants, Red, Bearman, Peter at Wombania, my new friend runningonsober (what a GREAT name for a blog!) and others who post on BlackBoxWarnings.com but not here, just too many to list.

    It’s funny, and so wonderful, that I know many great bloggers by your ‘real’ name’s because I’ve been lucky enough to correspond with you via email. A few by –gasp- phone. As close to RL as a lot of we writer get 😉
    Luv ‘ya My Michigan Brother


  3. You’ve mentioned some things in the past, but I didn’t realize the extent of what you have been through, and still go through. I doubt anyone would realize any of that if you didn’t tell them. Many if not most of us put on a front which doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. I think by definition, creative types are at odds with the world and themselves. And negative thoughts about the worth of our work and ourselves play on our minds. One great thing about the internet is that we can find others with whom we can relate on many levels.

    And congratulations on the thousand followers! You must be doing something right.


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