Short Note: Poems in the Key of…

You may have gotten an email earlier in the day, with a link to a post written this morning. After 5 minutes of being ‘public’ I changed it to ‘private.’

To my surprise there was a comment from a wonderful empathetic writer. Her words caused me to reconsider the public publication of the post A Poem in the Key of Depression.

Please check out her blog at Tales From the Motherland. She’s won a Freshly Pressed and is a fellow Carnie. Hell, can’t beat that with a stick. Well you could. you’d look like a cretin, but you could.

So if you’re interested, the most recent post on YoYo-Dyne is live.

2 thoughts on “Short Note: Poems in the Key of…

  1. You are too kind and gracious… it was heartfelt; no need for recognition. But thank you. I’m glad you’re making it public. Life is filled with all of this, not just the fluff. We need the pain, the ugly, the real stuff that hurts… too. I’ve had my share, and while I’d be a cretin to compare hands, I certainly empathize with yours. Glad you’re sharing Rachael. First saw your work as a Carnie, so good things come from the big tent. hugs.


    • Agree with your assessment on revealing not only the good, but the bad and the ugly as well. That’s Life, as Sinatra says.
      Le Clown has a good eye for writing, and am proud to be a member with you under the big top of weirdness and honesty.


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