Hanukkah Harry: The Mensch. The Myth. The Meshugenah.


YoYo-Dyne receives hundreds of thousands of search hits each December from folks spread across the globe. All looking for more information on that icon of Chutzpah, Hanukkah Harry.

Mr. Harry agreed to an interview and we are honored to present you with this historic discussion.

Miss R: Welcome Hanukkah! Can I call you Hanukkah?
HH: Thank you Miss R. It’s a pleasure to be here. For you, Hanukkah is just fine. Hanukkah Harry knows who’s been naughty or nice. Your naughtiness always makes up for your flaw in being only half a Hebe.
Miss R: Oh, thank you Hanukkah. You’re eyeing the tasty treats I’ve made. Care for one?
HH: Ummmm what are they? Almost looks like rugelach.
Miss R: It’s my own creation: Shiksa Cakes. I just used stale white bread to make the pastry and the filling is made with nuts, dates and mayonnaise. All Kosher!
HH: Going to pass on those but I applaud you. Remember the year you left out lobster rolls on the first night? It still saddens me to think that instead of socks I was forced to leave a lump of Plutonium-240.
Miss R: Not to worry Hanukkah, I sold it to a certain country in the Middle East and made a tidy profit.
HH: That’s my girl!

Miss R: Let’s move on to some questions. First, why did you wait until the late 1980’s to reveal yourself?
HH: It seemed the right time. Jon Lovitz approached me and I gave my blessing. What a funny boychik! He pissed me off though and I had to cancel his subscription to Funny B List Actors.
Miss R: What would you buy for yourself to celebrate the holidays?
HH: I’d buy time, and I’d get it wholesale. I like to call it a time off for good behavior deal.
Miss R: Who do you consider the sexiest woman in the world?
HH: That’s an easy one, not that your latkes don’t bring all the boys to the yard. It’s Mrs. Claus of course. Have you seen her lately? Hasn’t aged in a millennium! Got her looks from her father, a plastic surgeon.
Miss R: I see you wear your hair in the traditional Orthodox manner. A lot of our readers want to know why you haven’t kept up with the times.
HH: Are you kidding me? No way can I survive without these curly locks, and bagels.
Miss R: You’ve previously saved Christmas and proved yourself a friend to Goy and Jew alike. Are you still proud of this accomplishment?
HH: Proud? I get verklempt each time someone mentions it. Fred Phelps spontaneously combusting couldn’t please me more.

Miss R: We’re about out of time. From myself and all of the Lectoids here at YoYo-Dyne, here’s to a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas. Any last thoughts?
HH: Miss R I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, and this wasn’t it. Just quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Zey gezunt!

That’s all for tonight. Join us next week for our exclusive interview with the Baby Jesus.
Was bacon really the contributing factor in establishing his new religion?

hanukkah wish2

~Miss R

42 thoughts on “Hanukkah Harry: The Mensch. The Myth. The Meshugenah.

  1. Hanukkah Harry looks as if he’s indulged in the eggnog a little too much. And if you ever get any more Plutonium-240, I could really use some. That stuff is hot!


    • Binky, your use of Plutonium-240 has not gone un-detected by other rocket developing countries!
      I’m interested in your Wombie Fusion Espresso and Hot Chocolate Maker. When do you think that this prototype might be available for retail sale?


      • I have some pretty good ideas, but they somehow always seem to languish. Under Development is my middle name. Maybe by next Christmas. If you can get me some of that Pu-240.


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  3. Oy vay! My goiter acts up this time of year. Excellent work as always Miss R. Just what the manger ordered. Keep your humor about life. It will see you through the tough parts.


  4. Oh my lumbago! Don’t mind me, it’s probably just can-cah. Don’t you have enough money to pay your phone bill? I thought it must be out of order since you haven’t called in a month. What?! They don’t have mothers in California? This card doesn’t say Happy Mother’s Day on the front.

    note: The last two are actual quotes from my ex mother-in-law.
    There’s a damned good reason the hubby and I left Brooklyn and moved three thousand miles away. After all, they don’t have mothers out here in California.

    Thanks for the comment and the good cheer!


  5. You simply can’t celebrate Hanukkah without the mention of Matzoh Balls, they go nicely with nuts…. just saying. Hope the festive season finds you falalalalalalaing


    • Loon, I’m going to spend the rest of December asking people ‘Hey! Show me your Matzoh Balls!’
      think anyone will get and make the International Sign for Crazy?
      We could start a cottage industry!


  6. It looks like Hanukkah Harry’s
    beard has been dipped in the eggnog
    but he seems too Brahms ‘n’ Liszt to
    care too much about it 🙂 lmao

    I hope your Tuesday is going well Miss. R 😉 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  7. Merry Christmas my
    dear and sweet friend 🙂 😉
    Lashings of naughty
    surprises, kisses aplenty
    and hugs ‘n’ crackers 😉
    just for you Miss R

    Andro xxxx


    • Happy Holidays Deb! saw Fraz skiing the other day and smiled. Wonderful and whimsical and one of my own favorite past-times. There’s an adaptive ski program for me, just know it. Can hardly wait to hit the slopes for some holiday cheer with you, Peter the Wombies, and all of our friends.
      Have a fabulous evening xo


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