2013: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Happy New Year 2014

Welcome to the YoYo-Dyne 2013 Year in Review!

Is THIS your kitten?!

Cute Kitty picture

New Year’s Eve. A hot Little Black Dress, 8″ Steve Madden stilettos, my Silver Fox coat, a Vintage 1950’s clutch purse and Call-Girl-Red lipstick.
If this doesn’t impress the cat tonight nothing will.

Here are a few of my favorite things from 2013. A collection of Miss R’s best Tweets, original images, stolen images, a cute kitty and the naughty bits too.

Have a healthy happy New Year and remember: Everything happens for a reason. For instance, if you’re on fire it’s because I don’t like you

Miss R Tweets for You!

  • Does the five second rule apply to my dignity?
  • If you suffer a strange pain today just remember that thousands of people die from that every year
  • Do I have to water this poinsettia or will it die on it’s own?
  • I’m sorry I wore your baby as a hat
  • The “Mayday” button on the new Kindle Fire should be renamed the “Let me show you my Ass” button. That’s all I’ll use it for.
  • I like to live each day as thought it’s my last. This explains having no clean laundry and the unmade bed
  • Ex-husband Number One is now available on Aisle Two
  • Gravity has had it’s way with me. At least something has
  • Stop playing the victim. It’s not even a real instrument
  • You’re never too old to throw random shit in other’s shopping carts while they’re not looking
  • A Happy Spanksgiving to you all!
  • I’m in serious trouble if people find out I don’t really have Tourette’s
  • Sure, he’s just the pizza delivery guy. With chloroform and some quality time in the basement he’s the one
  • My phone just changed ‘calendar’ to ‘cake radar’ and now I really wish I had that
  • I like you, but not “I’ll let you out of the basement” like you.
This is The Demon Seed. My daughter as a junior in college looks just like I did as a junior in college.   We talk about her grad school choices, watch Doctor Who specials together, fight over the Fall Out Boy knee socks and worry about our white girl problems

This is The Demon Seed. 
We talk about her grad school choices, watch Doctor Who specials together, fight over the Fall Out Boy knee socks and worry about our white girl problems

I had my heart crushed into the bitter coffee of a Starbucks machiatto

I had my heart crushed into the bitter grounds of a Caramel Betrayal Macchiato

Found some really funny people on the Internet. Funny ha ha. the funny strange people are reading this post.

Found some really funny people on the Internet. Found some really strange people on the Internet.

Got sick of people confusing Bi-Polar with psychopath, bugfuck crazy, too lazy to ‘just be happy’ and/or sad just to make you angry. Eric at Black Box Warnings chose me to contribute a guest post on Bi-Polar disorder. Got a new therapist and a new sponsor this year.

Spent a rainy radical week in the Nevada desert for 4th of Juplaya and attended the work parties in preparation of Burning Man. Missed one work weekend to recover from completely unexpected gallbladder surgery… I can now eat any damned thing I like because the gallbladder is GONE.

Things got weird a few days before my yearly foray to Black Rock City in August. Had everything planned to spend the week before The Burn with my daughter and bestie Spankers setting up our theme camp. Then Burning Man itself. My yearly vacation to Magic, Family, Music, Art, Insanity, Bliss and Gratitude. Home.

Instead I spent the Burn in a hospital bed, paralyzed below the waist. Good times.
Today I exercise and stretch to keep those body parts in good working order. You never know when Tall Dark and Hebrew may come knocking on your door. WASP is good too.

Tomorrow is a new year. It doesn’t mean a new start but it implies a shove of momentum to me. We just won’t wake up tomorrow shiny and thin and rich.
Well you won’t but I still hold out hope.

Life is still funny. I’m still funny. The milk smells funny but there’s a cure for that. So I leave you with a tune and a wicked grin
Cheers to friends. Cheers to Life. Cheers for Tears…

Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives… and to the “good life”, whatever it is and wherever it happens to be.
-Hunter S. Thompson

Love, Cute Kitties and Porn
~Miss R

27 thoughts on “2013: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

  1. Tears For Fears were a pretty good group. That was how many years ago? It can’t be!

    I hope 2014 is better for you than 2013 was. Another year like that you don’t need! Hopefully 2013 was your bottoming out year, and it’ll be nothing but improvement for this year. You seem to be on the right track, so just try to stay on it!


    • Binky, Oh I can remember when that song was getting radio airplay. Back in the days of New York City and summer weekends at the shore. What, must have been 5 years ago heh.
      I am going to keep on the track and not get run over this year!


      • On the radio, and even MTV when they played music videos! There’s no decent radio stations around here anymore. Well, one classical one which I listen to.


        • Too True Binky! I listen to stations online and via my Roku now. Great way to find new music, genres and musicians. Of course there’s the old stand-by Pandora. Miss the old stations too. Grew up to FM.


          • I listen to FM only, too. Were some pretty good stations before.
            Pandora doesn’t work in Canada. Roku you have to buy the player?
            I get 3 free downloads/week from the library. Slow, but I do have a few hundred songs.


  2. We all love you Rachael, yes me too in the mad bunch but let’s not leave out the Demon Seed, oh no she’s a chip off the not so very old block and is a lovely young lady, yes just like her mom 🙂

    Oh yes and if you like wicked games, nooooo not those we ALL know you like those, I am referring to the Kindle Fire HD and Temple Run 2 🙂 Now that is definitely a game for you. and if I can reach level six so quickly it has to be pretty darn easy don’t you think? 🙂 Well if you haven’t got that one then I recommend it and it’s a free APP game so how about that for awesome? 🙂

    Another thing, don’t forget the Spanking fun you will be getting into once you are strutting the hot Little Black Dress, 8″ Steve Madden stilettos, your Silver Fox coat, a Vintage 1950′s clutch purse and Call-Girl-Red lipstick because I won’t let you, forget it I mean 🙂

    Happy New Year Rachael and Demon Seed 🙂 😉

    Andro xxxx


    • Andro!! I miss you! Thank you for your wickedly wonderful message. You always cheer me up…. and make me consider which leather and O ring collar to wear out 😉
      Many thanks for the good wishes to the beloved Demon Seed and myself. Have a fantabulous evening my dark delight xxx


  3. Just calling in to see my favourite kid on the block,
    I could use some tissues for my Man-Flu, oh and a
    nice glass of hot lemon and…

    Well us guys need lots of TLC when we are feeling
    under the weather so anything that you can think of
    I will be a happy sneezer indeed 😉 🙂 lol

    Have a wicked Hump Day on Wednesday my dear 😉

    Andro xxxx


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