BLOGROLL: Check it Out. Or know the underside of my floorboards

You’ll find my favorite writers, artists and cartoonists here. Not a view will be wasted on ANY of these pages. Knock yourselves out with the greatness that is

Writer’s Heaven, The Good, The Naughty and The Beautiful.

Ahmnodt Heare For President   THE 2016 presidential candidate. Ahmnodt Heare for America!

Gray Dawster: On the Edge Dangerous, Dark, Ghoulish and Oh So Gothic. Andro’s videos, original art, words, poetry, short horror stories, BDSM/Goth images of beautiful women. . Definitely for Mature Audiences Only.

Bad Science Blog  The Finest in science vs idiocy

Barking In The Dark  Writer, musician, actor and satiric wit all in one

Bearman Cartoons  Bearman’s toons  will have you laughing and thinking. Don’t  get Mugged

Brain Rants  The voices in his head; whether stateside or fighting for us in Afghanistan

Brian Westbye Writer, Scribe, Master of thoughtful fiction and humorous musings

Burners.ME Great blog with close to 49,000 followers. Want to hear from other real live folks that brave a desert that’s trying to kill them while participating in one of the most incredible social experiments in history? Plus they’ve re-posted a few of my pieces heh.

Celluloid Blonde  Screenplay expert, teacher, published author and the all around amazing Hollywood connection

The Chowderhead Humor, Instability and Graphic Genius. $5.00 at the door

Clown on Fire   Le Clown’s Profound, Profane, and Productive world of amusement

Divine Darkness Mission  Ask Donna of the darkness

Don In Massachusetts   Great images, liberal political satire and quotes to make you think

Dutifully Broken More Help and Laughs from the other side… of our minds

Dummies of the Year Dare you to go up against Scholar Mel. The Karnak and Einstein of our known universe

Guapola  Home of El Guapo. It doesn’t get any weirder or funnier. BYOL (Bring Your Own Lampshade). Naked bar dance pics not only coveted but encouraged.

Is There A Future Null KNOWS the dark side and is there for hope, experience and you

Momma’s Money Matters (M3)
Red is one of the best writers on the web. Check her out. Or we’ll get you plastered and set you on fire.

Swimming Upstream  Bi-polar, bi-funny, bi-coastal, full of fish and a personal look at mental health issues

Ginger Fight Back  Meet Oily George and Aunty Bill, characters who will stun you with their pithy advice and GFB’s signature humor. GFB also fights for the rights of the bullied and unjustifiably attacked. Wonderful stuff.

The Friggin Loon  Looniness from Down Under

The Good Greatsby  Fun, satire, life and dragging your family to live in the Bahamas.

Pied Type  Politics, ever evolving thought, social reform.. and a sister in Mensa. Intelligent and thought provoking.

Today in Heritage History  Where History Meets Humor

While Vegas Sleeps Everything does NOT stay in Vegas

Refrigerator Magnate  ART! Hysteria! Dogs and Cats Sleeping together!

Wombania  Home of the Wombies and some of the best art/cartoon work on the web

Liquorstore Bear  Reviews, Mixology, Cocktails, Fine wines and the joys of being a stuffed bear in an alcoholic house

Edward Hotspur It’s all fun and games and it goes to 11

Moral Low Ground Social activism, Government, Society, and an honestly fair look at US b*llshit political media. Fighting for your rights even while you sleep

Tales From the Motherland The twisted tales of a world traveler, mom, prolific writer and fascinating person and blogger.   My sister from another mothah’!

Chowderhead There are no words to describe Adam’s finely tuned and skewed view of the world. Literally. Use sign language. Funny Sh*t!

StuphBlog The First Un-Shitteh Blog on the Internet

Blasphemous Rumors She’s bi-polar, funny, crazy and crippled

Did I miss YOU? Contact Miss R and let us rectify this sad situation

10 thoughts on “BLOGROLL: Check it Out. Or know the underside of my floorboards

  1. Rachael,
    “Le Clown’s Profound, Profane, and Productive world of amusement”.
    Arguably the best description I have read of Le Clown’s blog. Thank you.
    Le Clown


  2. Strong list you got there. I think your tagline is the best I’ve seen so far. Definitely better than mine. Mine sucks. What till you see my Raoul Duke Halloween costume. You’re gonna shit.


  3. I never knew this page existed, which just
    shows that I need my reading specs on 🙂
    I rarely wear them as they make me look
    too brainy 🙂 lmao I meant too goofy 😉

    Hey are you okay Miss. R I have not seen
    you around very much lately, so I hope you
    are alright my great friend 🙂 🙂 xxxx


    • Gah, I just saw your comment. What can I say except… geez I’m sorry. Went through a period of recovering from illness and other of life’s tribulations. Was doing some major deleting of emails that were piled up. Clearly didn’t scan them well enough!!
      You rock for checking in. thanks hon! xo


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