C is for April 3rd; Crawl Back

C is for a tune that is fab yet not known….well by you. Yet.

Here is an earworm written by  Richard Thompson, called  ‘Crawl Back’.

Video lacking. No really it is just one picture.  Trust me the lyrics are the important part

Marc Bolan was greater than Jesus

Bow down kids. I shall allow you to kiss the ring.
Do you know how difficult it is to find Anything  glam era on MP3?

I mean outside of my hard drives?
Forget the the vinyl we all ditched -bangs head against monitor-

Oh you know you love me…..

Don’t forget the great strides that were made during the late 70’s -musicians fucking off disco and punk- making a new scene. Making the 80’s.
Music and Derangement,

Miss R

Thanks Ben Folds

Well spent the last hour writing a piece on Ben Folds. His style, videos showing his amazing fingering -shut up you pervs, let’s hear form the pianists out there. oh shit no matter what,,,, – and why he is my muse for piano and pop/music.

Grew up on Billy Joel, Elton John, Randy Newman then Tori Amos. All, especially the first named, played a huge part in my own style. Then… Ben Folds came along and changed my life. THIS was the musician who said it all and played to 11. Not volume-wise but lyrics plus all.

And… lost the entire blog. Doh.

Here’s the last item I had. His latest video, fom Ben Fold’s latest album. Lyrics by Bruce Hornby (High Fidelity, Fever Pitch, About A Boy) and all music by Ben.

Cartoon: by the head of Fox Animation.

Sorry I lost the backstory and other videos. Hell, it is Friday Night

Take care kids. And yes there’s a reason I’m a piano player. Will get some Ben videos up soon, You’ll see.. and you will want to play like this cat too

~Miss R

Life is a Series of Rooms

And who we get stuck in those rooms with make up our lives. One room at a time. One minute at a time.

One day at at a time says Bill W. Oh and I had a 12 year personal relationship with Bill. Thinking of healing our relationship and talking again. Couldn’t hurt. Might help. We’ve been out of touch for a while. Life has become peculiar, but not due to the fissure with Bill. Life is…-insert favorite platitude here-. May put up a poll soon on this subject. Have to say El Guapo’s polls can’t be beat though!

Listening to Damien Rice. If you don’t know who he is go out. Listen. You’ll be hooked and caught like a child in a world of wonderful but frightening magic.

Have to thank El Guapo for reminding me to mention the music that plays as I write. He does it with every blog. If you’ve any wasted time to go back to, oh  2006 through 2008 or 2009, you’ll see the same thing was always mentioned at the end of all the YoYo-Dydne posts. Not sure when I stopped. Thanks EG.

This blog is a  Chex Mix (TM in case of sue-age) theme.

So I’m going to choose Door Number One  and go with Carol Merril:  Music!

The ONLY reason to use auto-tune would be the following video. Let’s face it: if you need auto-tune to make your own recording… you suck.

Oh, my quiet honesty. So lovely and sweet. And no room at the Inn…


~Miss R

Nothing Much

Graphic courtesy of Marcus at brainlesstales.com

Am clearly on unscheduled hiatus.

Current unopened mail in the YoYo-Dyne Email Inbox: 306. This does not count the 30 or so that have been opened and not answered or viewed.

Love you all. I do not subscribe to random or ‘please add me!’ blogs. Only read those that draw me in. Writers who are savvy, funny, and left of center. You know who you are.

The Demon Seed (aka my brilliant daughter) is visiting for two weeks. The Best.
Life itself, as in day to day, financial, physical, emotional has gone sideways on too many tangents too personal to mention.

Promise to catch up, absorb all of your fabulous words, and find a way out in another week or so.

Miss all of your emotions, tales, vivisections, views and blues. See you soon. In the words of Miss Vega…

If you want me
You can find me
Left of center
Off of the strip

In the outskirts
In the fringes
In the corner
Out of the grip

When they ask me
“What are you looking at?”
I always answer
“Nothing much” (not much)
I think they know that
I’m looking at them
I think they think
I must be out of touch

But I’m only
In the outskirts
And in the fringes
On the edge
And off the avenue
And if you want me
You can find me
Left of center
Wondering about you

I think that somehow
Somewhere inside of us
We must be similar
If not the same
So I continue
To be wanting you
Left of center
Against the grain

If you want me
You can find me
Left of center
Off of the strip
In the outskirts
In the fringes
In the corner
Out of the grip

When they ask me
“What are you looking at?”
I always answer
“Nothing much” (not much)
I think they know that
I’m looking at them
I think they think
I must be out of touch

But I’m only
In the outskirts
And in the fringes
On the edge
And off the avenue
And if you want me
You can find me
Left of center
Wondering about you
Wondering about you

~Miss R

Back Good. Fire Bad.

Many of you;  okay three,  readers know that I’ve had a nasty back surgery that failed. Well not failed. Just didn’t help. And hurts worse now. But NOT failed. -eye roll-.

The back is degenerating so quickly that there’s nothing but surgery ahead (two in the next 5 years and two more in ten year. If I said yes. Shockingly said to doc…no thanks) and in 10 years the disc degeneration will be up to L1.

My happy go lucky neurosurgeon told me I’m fucked then; medical science hasn’t caught up to fixin’ that upper part of the spine. So off to pain management and voodoo spinal electo-stim for me. Ohhh and a drug test. Ooops. For the first time in months I actually had a few hits of smoke last week. Doomed I tell you.Damned hippie!

Point for them is that the DEA are fuckers. Actually not fuckers; too many docs over-prescribe.
Blah blah blah.

So I have the spine of an 80 year old….Hmmm wonder what that 80 year old is doing for a spine? -rim shot-. Once again see if you can name that paraphrase. Hint: Peter O Toole

Spent almost two hours practicing piano today. Longest, and first, time I have been able to sit upright to practice for a year and a half. I am SO FUCKING THRILLED!!!! Did it hurt? Hell yeah. Did I get release and love the music I played till I cried? HELL YES!

All is klar der kommisar.

Here’s a video from my FAVE piano player. Best in the business; and I grew up with Elton John, Randy Newman and Billy Joel. Ben Folds puts them all in the dust…

Be well my friends!

~Miss R

A bit of a PS: If you don’t know: Nick Hornby wrote Hugh Fidelity and About a Boy (and all the lyrics on Ben’s most recent album), Ben folds is a genius both on piano (doesn’t show in this video) who is also a drummer and writer of  full orchestrations (with symphonic credits directing and scoring his music for world reknown orchestras) with the same influences that I have, and Pomplamoose is a newer band.

Burning Man 2011: Recovery is Slow

Hi All,

Back from Burning Man. Celebrated my 7th year on the playa.  Great year and we were voted Best Bar on the Playa…again. We were not even listed in the guide because we never registered as an official theme camp this year and didn’t bring out 1/2 of what we have for the bar/camp. Despite this (and lack of Teeter Totter of Death, Centrifuge merry-go-round and Chairway to Heaven) all of our prior year guests found us as well as thousands of new friends.

C’mon what is better than BDSM with your Bordeaux?
Still recovering from 8 days of radical self preservation in the middle of the Nevada desert about an hour+ from Reno. Usually over 100F during the day and in the 40’s at night), costumes, dance camps, FABULOUS art this year and seriously great music. could only march one gig with Burning Band this year (fucking back. Doh) with my new melodica. It was the Little Black Dress Parade though; the parade (and our band) is a staple at Burning Man.
Not to mention the madness, laughter, gourmet food and NSFW  shit that went on at our bar/camp; Spanky’s Wine Bar.

And apparently still not done. Several other ‘Spankers’ Spanky's Wine Bar: Burning Manstayed in Reno for another week after the Burn ended.

Spent yesterday at the Grand Sierra Resort, hanging by the pool and drinking margaritas. laughing and swimming with some of my best camp mates. Hell, the picture of our camp to the right is from last year. Haven’t even gone through my (crappy this year) pics yet to re-size and post.

Night The Man burned 2011

Night that The Man burned. Hard to tell due to the dust, but I'm standing in front of one of the best new Art Cars on the playa.e actual experience coming soon. As much of it as I can remember...

Piano Wench (that's me!) and Patrick (Trick) ay Spanky's 2011

Piano Wench (that's me!) and Patrick (Trick) at Spanky's 2011

Taylor (a playa virgin this year!), DocMoc and Yours Truly

Taylor (a playa virgin this year!), DocMoc and Yours Truly. Burning Man 2011

~Miss R
And that’s Piano Wench to you

That’s the way to do the Varsity Drag

the Ruling Class

Just finished watching The Ruling Class, a gem of a film, and shockingly not well-known. Amazing dialogue, satire, bizarre brief yet wonderful musical bits. It is among Peter O’Toole’s best performances. He was nominated for an Oscar. From this there is a soundtrack in my head consisting of The Varsity Drag, Dem Bones and My Blue Heaven .

This is the first time I’d seen it in a good 20 years. Thank you Netflix. Forgotten that one of the female leads was played by the same actress who played Harold’s mother in Harold and Maude. Both were made about the same time, during the Vietnam War. And both were made as indictments of the established order. I believe that MASH was also made the same year.

The Ruling Class leads the viewer to believe that this is a twisted and dark comedy, but as we say at Spanky’s on the playa at Burning Man.

Spanky's Wine Bar at Burning Man

”This will all end in tears.’

We say it as a joke whenever a clusterfuck breaks out.

This is one of the few movies I can watch without tears dropping down my face at the ending. Hell, I’ve cried at the endings of fucking Doctor Who episodes. The Demon Seed admits she has too but the little wench laughs at me when she catches me weeping on the phone, asking why she didn’t warn me. Yes we are both geeks. What about it? You don’t believe me, just step outside and see me baby.

Hey, I was bi-polar before being bi-polar was cool. Not to mention I was a Punk before you were a Punk

Heh. betcha I got you with Fee Waybill and crew. Well pray, really really hard.
To me.
I may bestow  a bit of the title tune on you as well.

Hmmm other firsts? Listed in no particular order but as an exercise to boost the current rock I’m holding for Sisyphus. He had to grab a coffee. Fucker’s been gone over six months.

First student at my college to enroll and begin at age 15 (and the school had already been around for 150 years by then).

First woman in my town to have a tattoo. That was 18 years ago and I don’t want another one. Who the hell Doesn’t have one these days?

First woman my age (45) to have a tongue piercing in the vicinity. Was late to the nipple piercing action but ooh it hurt so good. And feels absolutely delicious now. Too bad gravity has had it’s way with my boobs.

First started my musical ‘career’ playing Gay bars; standards,show tunes and ragtimte. The Whiskey and Madame Wongs came later playing in a punk band. Because I lied about my age. I was 16 not 21. So all you owners that stiffed me way back when? Because all you saw was a girl with big tits standing at an Amazon stature of 5’2″? Go fuck a porcupine you pricks.

First in my family to be the eccentric, but beloved, black sheep and eschew the medical degree deemed proper in our family.
The Demon Seed has declared her intention to get a PhD is psychology. Way cheaper than med school. Her first choice was psychiatrist. So back to doctors we go.

Now I’m almost 50 and I have is my daughter, and she’s going way next month to college, and memories.  And a big-ass concert grand piano.

And perhaps this is why I didn’t cry at the end of The Ruling Class.

Everything changes. Transforms. But mostly sneaks away quietly. It has become so difficult to fight the established order.

And I’m scared as hell. And the current point in life’s curve should probably have had me already hospitalized.

Maybe coming to terms with it all is beginning. And it all started a long time ago. In college.  Fighting back against anything and everything….except Music.

~Miss R

Now go and beg, borrow steal or Netflix ‘The Ruling Class.’ You’ll thank me. And perhaps send a cash tip!

Rapture Top 20 Playlist! Give it 10. You can Dance to it!

Your Top 20 Rapture Playlist!

Hitchhikers Guide

Most of you know that I’ve spent part of my life as a professional musician. And the other portion as an unprofessional one. –rim shot-

The point being: I live for music. From punk to jazz, blues to rock, showtunes to indie and ragtime to standards.

In order to make your transition to the next world –whether you’re packing for a cool beach breeze or the Mojave desert- I’m here to help. Now you have to realize that this is MY fucking list, so it’s apocalypse tunes that I enjoy. Now that we have that straightened out get ready. And, feel free to send me your own suggestions. I won’t add them to my list but I do want to hear some potentially new stuff. Damn I’m open-minded. Aren’t I? AREN”T I?

So get your iPod ready, make a new new playlist entitled, oh I don’t know, ‘We’re All Gonna Die Now Party Mix’ and start your download.

I present for you the Ultimate Top 20 Rapture Playlist for May 2011.

You can thank me next time we meet. Probably tomorrow over a beer.

  1. It’s The End of  the World – REM
  2. The End – Jim Morrison
  3. Excitable Boy  –Warren Zevon
  4. Don’t Fear the Reaper –BOC (yeah I know that’s a gimme)
  5. Ocean Breathes Salty –Modest Mouse
  6. Dead –My Chemical Romance
  7. People Who Died – Jim Carol Band
  8. Happy Phantom – Tori Amos
  9. I’m a Believer – The Monkeys
  10. Four Winds – Bright Eyes
  11. Today –Smashing Pumpkins
  12. And When I Die – Blood Sweat and Tears
  13. The End of the Tour –They Might Be Giants
  14. Dead Man’s Party –Oingo Boingo (another gimme)
  15. Re: Your Brains — Jonathon Coulton
  16. Please Don’t Bury Me –John Prime
  17. The four Horsemen –Metallica
  18. The End of the World –The Cure
  19. Apocalypse Please – Muse
  20. Gimme Shelter –Rolling Stones

Calling Mr. Rogers

evil banjo.

This is an old duplex. The neighbors and I share the front porch. One of them is a drummer, and in fact I’ve played a gig with him before.

Six months ago he decided to teach himself the banjo.

When the weather gets over 63F outside said neighbor will sit on the porch and practice. On Monday he was out there for HOURS. Playing the same three chord tune.

Over and over and over he played until I could hear my brain cells explode . Barely, as the banjo was already drowning out the stereo, voices in my head, and traffic noise on the street.

Normally we don’t have a problem. In the summer the windows are open, and my grand piano and vocals (with a mic) can he heard on the street. All of the guys next door play in a band and practice in their basement. Many Sunday mornings we’ve awoken to the dulcet sounds of a new punk song. Which is fine. Dig punk. They’ll all sit outside in the summer and jam –acoustically- as well.

It usually works out. Maybe it’s the upcoming surgery, tinged with the traditional depression and agitation. Whatever the reasons I wanted to open the door, walk the five feet over to  my neighbor and bash his skull in with that fucking banjo.

If I hear the same three chords again it will be sad for his family and friends. But a blessing to the musical scene in Reno.

Please won’t you be my neighbor?

~Miss R

-cartoon by Fuzzy Gerdes-

Rachael’s Guide: How to Tell if you are Nocturnal

Shit I do in Reno at night

It’s my Bondage Barbie, roasting on an open fire.  Nocturnal Behavior is directly responsible for brilliant works of art such as this.

Here are a few definitions to use as a primer for this blog.

Nocturnal – active and feels better at night
Diurnal – active and feels better during the day
Repuscular – active and feels better primarily during twilight, i.e., at dusk and dawn (freaks)

Rachael’s Guide: How to Tell if you are Nocturnal

1.   You feel half alive until close to 7:00 p.m.
2.   You believe that ‘morning people’ should be lined up and summarily executed
3.   You can’t figure out why the only place to get a burger after 2:00 am in Reno is The Little Nugget or the slimy Denny’s over on Wells
4.   Music sounds better, and should be played louder, at night
5.   You’re a:
a)  musician b) police officer c) graveyard shift worker d) blackjack dealer. You LIKE the hours

6.   The cat gets more sleep at night than you do
7.   Going to bed a 2:00 am seems pretty damned early
8.   Waking up to sunshine and birds singing makes you want to hork
9.   Your prescription sleeping pills have little or no effect
10.   You’re sick of being told that you have a ‘sleep disorder’
11.  That great tan during the summer months confuses your friends.   This amuses you and you continue to visit the tanning salon. After dark.
12.   Your best work is done at night.
13.   When you do try to sleep you’re constantly thinking of ideas, getting out of bed, and typing them into Word.
14.   You spend an inordinate amount of money on high-end eye concealer.
15.   Your sunglasses cost more than your first car
16.   It’s not insomnia asshat, it’s my period of waking hours
17.   You know every free porn site on the net

Friday night, during ‘normal’ evening hours, I watched a new episode of Numbers. You already know how exciting my Friday nights are.
Anyway, what music is playing during the opening scene? The Underdog by Spoon.
I listed their album on my Top 10 Albums of the Year post and the song itself as my fave from the CD.

A prime example of how living the Nocturnal Life has benefits. Catching up on T.V. culture as your evening begins at 10:00 p.m. or discovering new music after 1:00 a.m. -while searching through your favorite porn sites. When the two combine it’s magical.
Current Television. Episodes and Barbie Amelioration. Porn and Incredible Music.
Batteries not included.

Sunshine Blondes may have more fun but insomniac Brunette/Red/Purple highlighted gals get the goods.

~Miss R

Currently listening:
Lagrimas Negras
By: Bebo & Cigala
Release date: 22 June, 2004

—- image courtesy of ME so don’t even think about using it without permission

Miss R Weighs In: Top 10 Albums of 2007

It’s that time again. Time for every obsessed musician with a blog to list their top 10 Favorite albums for the year.
Far be it for me to ignore this tradition.
Here’s my list: Thoughtfully provided with links to the band’s main websites.
So you can hear them silly.
I’ve also inserted album artwork.
So you can see them silly.

Have fun creating your own list this year. Whenever I have money burning a hole in my pocket (a constant source of irritation as you might imagine) it goes to purchase CDs or MP3s

Don’t forget that all of these bands are on MySpace and if you want to catch a few samples of my favorite tunes this year then just let your fingers do the walking….

Boxer by The National Boxer: The NationalMy favorite Cut: Fake Empire
It’s difficult not to love Murder Me Rachael as well though. Thanks to Peter Clough at Dad’s Car Radio for turning me on to this great band.
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga by Spoon
Spoon: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
My favorite Cut: The Underdog.
This band has been around for a while but has not gained wide popularity until this more accessible release. First heard of Spoon when listening to the band doing a cover from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which I have on Wig in a Box.
In Rainbows by RadioheadRadiohead: In Rainbows

My favorite Cut: Jigsaw Falling into Place.
Most people either worship Radiohead or hate ’em. I like them a hell of a lot better after listening to this album. One of my newest purchases on vinyl. Never give up that analog goodness my friends. The rich, thick sound and distinct production of Nigel Godrich can be described as rocky honey. Thom Yorke finally captured me for good with this release. Fabulous stuff.

Fear of a Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree
Porcupine Tree Blank Planet
My favorite Cut: Anesthetize
The band has been around since 1997, yet this is the first time I’ve heard their music. Porcupine Tree integrates genres in each tune with ambient, rock and pop. Great music to cook, ski or just kick back with. It’s difficult to find a sound that works for such a spectrum of listening pleasure, yet this album accomplishes just that.
If you like ‘And You Shall Know Them by the Trail of their Dead’ (and I do) you’ll enjoy this CD. I refuse to bow to the media hype about these guys being the next Pink Floyd. Bullshit. Different slant. New music. Creepy happy fun!
Elliot Smith New Moon byElliot Smith
My favorite Cut: Big Decision
Speaking of creepy what’s better than a top-notch release from a dead guy? Elliot was one of my heroes, and this CD has some quality outtakes and all newly released material. It’s as good as Figure 8 and WAY better than Basement on a Hill. There’s a great early version of Miss Misery on here too. Worth the price of admission.
Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys  photo arcticmonkeys_zps109b8e98.jpg
My favorite Cut: Fluorescent Adolescent
Fun Intricate punk pop music. Listen to Fluorescent Adolescent; about getting older but not growing up. The lyrics are friggin’ hysterical “Older boys are slag, the best you ever had” and “You used to get it in your fishnets now you only get it in your house-dress” are wonderfully sardonic
We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse

My favorite Cut: Little Motel
As the years go on Modest Mouse grows in popularity. I’m thinking that their management finally forced the band to include at least one song per album that could potentially get some airplay. This entire album is fine, the lyrics dark as ever and the orchestrations bizarre as well they should be. Had to pick Little Motel since the video was filmed here in Reno, but their Billboard Hit right now is Dashboard. The video gets my Number One Video of 2007
New Wave by Against Me!
Against Me Trash Unreal
My favorite Cut: Thrash Unreal
Got this album after hearing Thrash Unreal on XM Satellite Radio. The entire album burns. They’re categorized as a punk band and hail from the U.K. It’s the lyrics that captured my attention on this album. Trash Unreal is a slam, infused with a poignant point and pity, at the downward plunge of a party girl. Catch the line “She can still hear that Rebel Yell” a wicked reference to the Billy Idol song. The music itself catches you with an upbeat rock-out. Great dichotomy and brilliant message.

Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World
My favorite Cut: Big Casino
Great CD. Lots of excellent tracks. I give it a 9 and you can dance to it! See them live if you can. Caught them in Santa Cruz a few months back. Awesome show and fab musicianship.
Under the Influence of Giants by Under the Influence of Giants
My favorite Cut: Mama’s Room
The eponymously named first album form UTIOG can induce dancing, thoughtfulness and a ‘wow what intricate orchestrations with only a few instruments’ snaps. Great pop hooks with a tiny bit of the dépêche mode thang happening as well. Good breaks. Not pop, not punk, not rock. We like.Now please don’t fuck up and fade away like Fastball. I liked their first two albums as well. Fist two alone.

Currently listening:
By: The National
Release date: 22 May, 2007