K is for Kinky

What else did you expect from me? Especially since I screwed you on F.

This is a collage of pics. Some home, some from my beloved Burning Man camp, some my fave classics. Enjoy.

Oh, if it doesn’t look kinky in the photo be assured it did lead to something K after the pic was taken…..

Also… these are SFW El Guapo

Here’s a tune by a favorite band of mine to listen to while browsing. What else but The New Pornographers

Bettie Page

One of my my fave Page photos. Own a Klaw original Polaroid of Miss Page.

Critical Tits 2008

Ah yes. Moi Riding in Critical Tits at Burning Man 2009

Another day at Spanky's Wine Bar

Just another minute at Spanky's Wine Bar

Bettie Page corset

More Bettie. Dear god you're a Helen Keller grad if you can't find the beauty in Bettie

Another fine Spanker at 4th of Juplaya

Am sure you were all hoping for some real kink. This is a family site. Despite  WP continuing to mark my site as ‘Mature.’

Honestly kids… have you ever seen me ever post anything but immature?

~Miss R

I is for Inappropriate

I is for Inappropriate

Oh sure once again know what you were thinking.

You forget though, I still hold my pointless Mensa membership and am Hooked on Physics.

Here’s an Inappropriate Battle of the Rappin’ Physicists.

~Miss R
Amateur Physicist to the Stars

F is for Funny

     F is for Funny       F is for Funny



Fuck I fooled ‘ya!

F is also for Fall-Out Boy, which is also Funny.




So here’s the hybrid bastard child of both. Two two two funnies in one.


For Fuck’s Sake have a Fun Filled Good Friday!



EXTRA POINTS: If you get the joke in my F graphic



~Miss R