I’m 11 Years Old in Sober Alcoholic Years Today.

December 29 2006

AA sobriety medallion

Today is my 11th AA Birthday. 11 years without a drink, hit of weed, or street drug of any kind. Not even a decent addiction to a prescription drug.

Pretty boring eh? No wonder I’m such a whack-job.

Okay I’m not all that good and perfect. Difficult to believe yes? One sin is continuing to tellĀ people thatĀ I stopped smoking 8 years ago. This then leads to the amusing admission that I am still addicted to Nicorette, well Commit actually but you say tomato I say, uh, Commit.

addictive commit lozenges

I quit smoking a year after I quit drinking. Using my Big Brain for good, instead of evil as is it’s normal function, I calculate that the last cigarette was 10 years ago not 8.

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