The Versatile Blogger Award

I’d like to thank the Academy

Most Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Was stunned and surprised to be nominated -which means winning and what beats  that?- The Versatile Blogger Award. Big thanks to El Guapo; king of Guapola, all that is pointless on the Internet and music music music.

Would also like to thank my producer, Mom and Dad, cinematographer, my Burning Man family (that make me look 20 years younger than my age), my Mom for being a Luddite and being unable to read the crap I write, my daughter for being herself and of course any small mammals  cogent enough to vote.
Not all of them, as most have no taste whatsoever, but there are also several invertebrates that should be included as well. You know who are!

Let me make this short since I can see some bastard with a hook stage left.

Have no idea why I’ve been nominated three times but MUST thank the nominators. Let’s give them all a hand shall we? Not to mention a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue as a thank you and obvious bribe for next year’s nomination

-Cue applause-

So let me present tonight’s nominees…

Which have been kept strictly confidential and contained in this
mayonnaise jar hermetically sealed by Price-Waterhouse.

YoYo-Dyne’s Nominations….in no fucking order whatsoever

  1. Refrigerator Magnate : SIG, have no idea if you’ve been nominated before or not, but your photos and use of graphics make me cry. In a very good way.
  2. Celluloid Blonde: The Sometimes Suspect Musings of Max Adams.  If you don’t know Max you don’t know nottin’. President and Lead Professor of LA’s prestigious Academy of Screenwriting and a damned hoot as a blogger and human being.
  3. Ahmnodt Heare for President. Not only does Ahmnodt have his own site, as an obvious independent politician (Ahmnodt here for America! Ahmnodt here for you!) This blogger tackles subjects ranging from family values (okay his own family) to gardening in the DC area. Vote and remember…. Ahmnodt Heare!
  4. While Vegas Sleeps. My fabulous alter-ego and southern neighbor Chris details all of the places you want to hit…and avoid, in Vegas. Being a Nevadan this is an important part of life. His blog is so well read in Vegas that he has many Guest bloggers as well. Check it out before throwing all of your money on to Flamingo Blvd. and the Strip. As I do….
  5. Swimming Upstream. Not depressed? Not Bi-Polar? Too bad for you! Not to mention the lack of soup. This writer tackles everything from mental illness to just being hysterically mental. Check him out. Take a fishing vacation…
  6. Confessions of a Serial Insomniac. All I can say is… Pandora rocks. Looking for a topic? It’s here. Looking for a bitch-slap to your personal beliefs? It’s here. Looking for a friend and ear to listen? It’s here.
  7. All of the other bloggers who have nominated me. Damn! Everyone I read has something that touches me or I wouldn’t bother. If I didn’t mention you please contact me. I’ll add you. Until then this list isn’t complete. After all it’s late.

Next Verse Same As The First

Okay supposed to list 10 things no one knew about me. Screwed up and deleted it. Trust me it WAS damned funny.

Yet true.

More tomorrow. Time to make cookies.

~Miss R

Addendum: Barkinginthedark was the first to nominate me. Stop on by and check out his writing and music; not to mention proofreading genius