Gone for Three Days: New Ben Folds

Ten of my favorite artists in the world . Together.

Ben Folds is my favorite  paramount piano player composer. Liberally mix  Billy Joel, Elton, Randy Newman, classical, stride, and completely original darkly humorous and/or serious music and lyrics.

Add British  contemporary writer; Bruce Hornby . The author of High Fidelity , About A Boy, Fever Pitch, and many other wonderful novels and short stories.

The video posted below features a song with all lyrics by Hornby and all music by Folds.

Ordered the new Ben Folds album. Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Bruce Hornby, William Shatner (hysterical), Pomplamoose, Sydney Orchestra, Squirrel Nut Zippers , name a new indie and he’s there,  NEW Ben Folds Five… Ben rocks. Several of the  tracks were written during the time period that Folds and Hornby were working on Ben’s previous release ‘Picture Window’ but were not included on the album.

A CD is finally available of not only ‘best of’  Folds, new Ben Folds Five, Hornby and Fold’s collaborations but live performances and  rarities. Feel free to order. I did.
The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective Perceptive.

Here’s a video -which has could have been posted previously on YoYo-Dyne-. As usual with Youtube you may need to let this load to see it in full..sans the damned buffering shiat.

~Miss R