The Doctor Needs a New Companion

FB Valentine sm

Unfortunately I’m not young or gorgeous enough. Ohhhh but didn’t Riversong become gorgeous in her 40’s and 50’s. Grooooowl!
As my daughter reminds me: Never leave the house without being dressed and ready to be picked up by The Doctor.

The PS above was a quick knock-off for FB. Now I’m obsessed with fixing it. You know, adjusting just about everything to make it worthwhile; scissors on top of roses (or a knife instead), edges on the top verbiage highlighted somehow, moving the transparent GIFS to the left…

Damned OCD. Plus perfectionism. Plus artistic love.
But I won’t. It’s a reminder.
Practice not Perfection. Or something like that.

Playing piano, finishing songs, working on PS and Corel skills, going to meetings.
Will be working on something far more important than writing. Really. May toss a few words on another blog that I’ve stashed away, but not here.

Will be gaining some strength, and laughter, and learning a new way to live.
Rather former than new. Always using YOUR help, ideas, laughter, and general bizarre writings.

Speaking of silly (and who isn’t)

Still waiting for a Mad Man in a Box,
~Miss R