A Happy, Prosperous, Deranged and Hot New Year!

May you all have the very finest of luck, prosperity, good health, and leather in the coming year!

Happy New Year

Do you know what the best part of my New Year’s Eve  is?

No, not the fresh prawns (major Sale. -gurgle- mmmm Sale), Montaudon Champagne (mmmmm good friends), cheese, water crackers, phone calls to friends near and far. It was finding this picture…
of Donna Reed.

Cheers to all and don’t forget to call a cab tonight. Or as Natalie Wood said as she sailed to Catalina…. Don’t Drink and Dive *

~Miss R

*Management not responsible for bad jokes, profanity, urge to gag, erections lasting more than four hours, desire for more children, putting forks into toasters or dreams of sugar plum midgets dancing in your head