I Like to Go Swimmin’ with Bare Naked Wimmin’

If I had a million dollars

I’d be rich

If I had a man who loved me

I’m only somewhat of a bitch

If the sun above us

Burned the retinas from our eyes

The brain would be the only thing

To keep all smart and wise

If I had a green dress

And not just green dress understand

Maybe with some weight loss

I’d truly find a man

His eyes might be unsighted

Scorched out from a star

And that honest mystery date

Could see things as they are

For now things are sheer darkness

Bare Naked Lady though I am

No matter how I try or don’t

Still life I have to cram

Make it all in one day

Since tomorrow may not come

If I had a million dollars

Could be life still be so numb.

But I fucking doubt it.

~Miss R