10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

One of the requirements for accepting the  Most Versatile Blogger Award is to list 10 things no one knows about you. Whoa. What a diversion from the title of this post.

1. Graduated from high school at age 15. Started college at age 14. Graduated with a BFA in Music Performance at age 20.

2. Was known as an idiot in college by acting my age

3. Created, grew and designed a brick and mortar store plus e-commerce site that made me shit loads of money while your kids were in kindergarten. Lost it all by marrying… too many times.

4. Once won a game of Trivial Pursuit, against 6 other players, in a complete drunken black-out. Had no idea I’d actually played the game until informed the next day by the hubby. That would be the first one. Husband, not black out.

5.  My cat cheats at poker. Biatch has opposable dew claws

6. Could live on escargot, fresh french bread, fresh aspraragus and beef tar tare….for life. Will kill. sorry work,  for tasty food.

7. Own more than 10  furs. Fur is not murder. Fur is fucking warm. Mink coat, ermine throw, fox neck-throw, silver fox 3/4 jacket… FUCK YOU PETA. They’re all vintage  but hey I dig ’em. Did I mention my feelings towards PETA?

8. Daughter has been a vegetarian since age 11

9. My nipple jewelry is WAY cooler than yours

10. Designed and had my only tattoo 18 years ago. Way before any other woman in my town or probably yours. I feel far superior to any ass (literally) with a tramp stamp.

11. (Extra Credit) My humility is only outdone by my size five foot fitting comfortably into my mouth