Corporate Dress, Magic and Drunken Santas: Part 2

Well it’s time for Saturday’s Part Deux Debacle of Debauchery.

The magicians were amazing at Magic Underground. This is coming directly to you via a woman culled from the crowd and placed on a stage as a ‘participant’ in several magical tricks.
Said woman was adorned (or rather not) in all her boob and leg revealing glory.
When the magician pointed at me I immediately looked to the area behind my ass. No one there. Grrrrr.

So I got my tush up on this little stage and attempted to keep the girls from popping out and making an unexpected appearance in front of the crowd.
All went well, including a trick where the magician made two bottles of Corona appear from nowhere and handed one to yours truly.
~J was impressed. Not with the trick so much as the free beer.

The only scary part was when I was asked to kneel.

Normally this isn’t scary and in fact I kinda like it but that’s another story for another day.

Anyway, I’m kneeling on the stage in a skirt shorter than my cat’s attention span. After the magician finishes his bit I raise my hand for him to help me up.
I can only guess this is where the Movado was snagged. Swear to Goddess I do not know how he did that.

I’m thinking that my daughter would love Magic Underground. They’re having a New Year’s show. If I win the lottery I’ll take her over there.

So, after the show we all emerge into the world of the ballet audience from the Pioneer Center and thousands of drunken Santas.
I fucking love Reno.

The owners of this IT company then invited all of us across the street to Wild Rivers Grille. It’s next door to Dreamers on the Truckee River.

We make it over there and listen to some great live jazz and are comped for whatever we’d like to drink and/or eat. There was much sipping of $9.00 Cosmos (made with pomegranate juice) and Gray Goose Martinis. Most importantly…
I got my fucking cheeseburger. With bacon. On a home-made ciabatta bun.
‘Cause who’s it all about right?

So, this IT company has some very hip employees. I fell in platonic love with one of them. Her name is Kristina and she is their head programmer. She loved my outfit and threatened to beat me down and steal it.
The impressive part is her personal site

Yes! Home of the Hello Kitty AK-47, My Little Carbine, and the EZ-Boom Oven. I’d seen this site on Fark a few months ago and loved it. Little realizing that the genius behind it was another Reno denizen.
We were singing The Vatican Rag together by midnight. Much to the distress of the other company employees and restaurant staff. Oh wait. Neither of us cared.

So by 1:00 am the restaurant was trying to kick our asses out. The suits paid the bill, we all scattered to find cabs home, and another evening was called to an end.
Naturally we were on Virginia Street which is the main drag through Reno. This ensures no cabs. Anywhere.
After a walkabout, seeing drunken Santas, speaking with drunken Mrs. Clauses, laughing at sloppy Reindeer, and throwing rocks at tipsy Elves I found a cab by Harrah’s and got my ass home.
Safe and Unsound.
As it should be.

Your Roving Reporter,

~Miss R

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Corporate Dress, Magic and Drunken Santas: Part 1


santa crawl

Just another night in Reno. Move along nothing to see here.

I was invited to the Magic Underground last night to see Kalin and Jinger. Astounding show.  If you live here in Reno get tickets, and if you’re in Vegas you can also catch them. Close-up magician Jacques Simard boosted my Movado without my so much as noticing.
Here’s the weird part: That afternoon I’d taken the watch to a jeweler and had the band repaired. To say I was cognizant of that watch last night is an understatement.

Yesterday afternoon my friend ~J invites me to this show, the tickets are courtesy of his company. I couldn’t decide what the hell to do last night so I said ‘sure, sounds interesting.’
It was my understanding that we’d see the show then wander around downtown checking out the thousands of Drunken Santas, reindeer, elves and Slutty Mrs. Clauses. I thought that the tickets were a perk of ~J’s job and perhaps one of the owners couldn’t make the show and passed the tickets along. Cool.

Here’s what happened: I got dressed as usual for a night out with friends in Reno. You know; silk whalebone corset, skirt so short that when I lean over to say ‘hi’ you can see my ass cheeks, garter belt, stockings and heels. Oh, and of course my Fab 1950’s black cashmere coat with the huge fox collar. It’s fucking cold outside.

So I get to Magic Underground, it’s dark outside and cold, and have a smoke waiting for my friend to arrive. He shows up and I find that this is not actually a ‘left-over ticket’ evening. It’s the fucking Corporate Christmas Party.

You know that recurring dream? The one in which you show up to school but forgot your underwear? It was just like that except all I was wearing WAS my underwear.

Luckily these people are all geeks (it’s an IT company) and didn’t seem that phased. We all got along great. Oddly I’ve been trying to get a job there.
This seems to be a fine first impression wouldn’t you agree?

~Miss R