Okay Gimme the Bad News First

November 28, 2006

Reno, NV. (www.damnedgames.com) In regional news we have the following update from our special correspondent Miss Anne Throp, who passed along the following information regarding the day

The Bad News:  Today the doc said no sex for yet another  two weeks.
The Good News: I’m not dating anyone.

The Bad News:   The snowfall this week has been pathetic
The Good News:  Mt. Rose is opening on Thursday anyway and the Green runs are probably all I should handle to start. I’m not saying that if a miracle occurs and the Zephyr lift also opens….

Other tertiary items of note:

The author kept her cool during the daily phone conversation with her mother instead of reaching through the phone lines and clubbing mom over the head with the receiver. Said maternal figure suggested that:

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