Miss NYC. Die Hipsters

Spent ten years of my life in NYC. In the 1980’s. Worked in finance and was -cringe- yuppie scum.

Well not really. Lived in Brooklyn, because who can afford Manhattan unless your grandmother died and you got the rent controlled apartment?
Wore the Yvonne Piconne suits, Reeboks on the subway and $200.00 heels under my desk. In my Rock Center office.

Did I make a shitload of cash?
Hell yeah.
Did I have a rent controlled enormous apartment?
Hell yes.

Did I have the standard issue 80’s cocaine habit?
Hell yes.

Do I miss New York?
Of course, most of all my friends.

Glad I’m missing The Hipster Years though.

~Miss R

An Ex-Patriate New Yorker Looks at 9/11

I originally wrote this on 9/15/2006


Was going to write a blog on 911 about my feelings, fears, and thoughts on the 5th anniversary of the tragedy.
Instead, I found myself profoundly saddened and depressed watching all of the coverage and those horrific pieces of film once again. My head spins from knowing that 5 years later the site of the WTC is still a gaping hole in the ground, with no memorial, conspiracy nuts abounding, a country divided in bi-partisan fashion yet again, and no idea where Osama is located. Betraying our trust the government lied to us and managed to convince enough citizens and lawmakers hat there was a connection to Iraq and the WTC bombings.
So, we still fight a war in Iraq seemingly learning nothing from the pain inflicted on individual people by an enemy they do not recognize.
An invisible ‘enemy’ for virtually all of them.

These things kept me from writing until today. Apologies for the tardy musings.

I lived in NYC all through the 1980s and still have in-laws and close friends there. I have taken my visiting California family to the top of the WTC, and loved having dinner at Windows on the World.
I was so lucky on 9/11 and not one of my circle was injured or incinerated. We had one ironic tragedy so I shall pass this along instead of becoming fucking morose again.

My Father-in-Law Joe was working in WTC Tower Two for a German company on February 26, 1993 and managed to escape unscathed after that first terrorist bombing killed six Americans and injured 1000.
Joe was able to get out of his office and walk all the way home to Brooklyn. We had lived in the Sheepshead Bay area, where the rest of the family still lives. That is a long-ass walk from lower Manhattan.
On September 11 Joe was still working for that firm. 30th Floor. While we were in California watching the Towers get hit, and then collapse, I called my (by then) ex-husband to see if he had heard from his mom and Joe.
Naturally no one could get through on the phones. I still corresponded with that side of the family. After all, they are the grandparents of my daughter.
72 hours after the Towers came down I spoke with Joe on the phone. He had gotten out before the collapse, walked downstairs from his 30th Floor Office, and then once again made his way on foot over the bridge to
Brooklyn and home.
I asked him if he considered transferring to another company since it seemed that Sales were down. He laughed.

Two years ago Joe died of cancer. So while I was spared telling my daughter that her Grandfather died on 9/11 it still fell to her father and I to inform her of his untimely death. Did the ash, asbestos, and visible debris have anything to do with his cancer?
We will never know.

I DO know this: The aforementioned series of incidents presents one of the greatest ironies I have ever witnessed.
A miraculous escape on two occasions. Only to be felled in the end by an invisible enemy after all.
Take care of each other, life is fleeting and ephemeral. Give your family and friends an extra hug and kiss and be grateful for each day that you have with them.

~Miss R

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Happy Nevada Day! Egg Creams for Everyone!

What goes together better than Nevada Day and Egg Creams?
It’s enjoying a home made egg cream on Nevada day while listening to Beck, An L.A. musician and a Scientologist.  He’s forgiven for mentioning Reno in a song.

I’m not a native Nevadan. Since moving to Reno I’d have to say that maybe 10% of the folks I’ve met are native to this city. Maybe 15% total were born in Nevada.
This is akin to the joke when I was growing up in Los Angles about finding a native of California. Basically, there were none.
Yes I know that uttering the words California and Nevada in the same sentence is blasphemy. Learned that within days of coming here. Thankfully my move to Nevada was from Michigan and the car didn’t have CA plates.
BAY AREA plates.
That’s apparently grounds for death by stoning here.
What did I know? I moved here to be with my boyfriend (the prick left me within 60 days of my move to Reno not that I’m still bitter) who was/is a Professor of Atmospheric Physics at UNR.

Confessions of a City Girl:
Week Two as a resident of the Biggest Little City in The World…..
“Hey Girly ‘yer hair is so curly and pretty.” says a guy about three seats over
“Thank you, I appreciate you saying so” say I, having been raised with good manners.
“Say! It that a New York accent? Are you one of them Jews from Jew York?” he snickers.
–my overloaded brain has a split second to react–
1. Admit the east coast connection (will I EVER lose the Brooklyn inflection on those vowels?!) or
2. WORSE admit I grew up in California; known bastion of liberal commie rich bastard swine who are single-handedly responsible for driving up housing costs, bringing pedophilia back into vogue, and causing all of the C&W bars to close in favor of local rock music venues.
As the drool begins to form at the corner of my mouth I hear my voice spouting…
“MICHIGAN! I come in peace. I came here from Michigan. Is that okay? You know I LOVE NEVADA. Michigan sucks.” Which from my personal experience is true.

The guy became quite nice after that and seemed apologetic. I finished my espresso and left. God if he figured that I was from California and could also make an Egg Cream to die for it would’ve been all over.
I have no fucking idea what he was doing in a coffee bar either.
As an aside the place I’m referring to is Deux Gros Nez and they make a divine espresso. For some strange reason they also have egg creams on the menu. Naturally one day I had to order one. It sucked. You were warned.

My point is that Reno seems to be a quintessential melting pot. There are people here from every state in the country and several other countries as well. Last Christmas I was dating a sweet Australian guy named Ross. He never ‘got’ the laughter which ensued when we’d go out and people would discover that our names were Ross and Rachael. Luckily for Australia Friends never caught on.

Nevada is the only state that has, to my knowledge, their own holiday. How cool is that? Even better? It’s officially on Halloween. Auspicious indeed.

There is a fine picture of a float from the Nevada Day Parade in 1939. Sure it looks like a fine sculpted pile of sand or borax is being deified, but look closer. No, a LOT closer. You’ll notice that the real point is that Nevada was celebrating it’s proudest moment in US History to that date: The longest telegram ever sent. Lost the original image in a hard drive crash. If you have a copy let me know.

According to some research I’ve done it seems that the Nevada State Constitution, and the petition for statehood, was sent via Telegraph to Washington D.C.
Try that today and you’ll get a monster phone bill and thirteen binders of documentation to be filled out in triplicate and returned to Washington. As if they’d include a postage paid envelope either.
There are some cool pictures of old Nevada Day celebrations available online, at the wonderful Museum in Carson City and in library archives. I found another old float picture from a 1930’s Nevada Day Parade. It shows a bear menacing either women and children or piles of borax and sand. The Bear is the State Symbol of California so it could be the Donner Party quaking there, prior to the snowfall. Maybe this state rivalry predates the last 10 years. Food for thought.
Hey the Donner Party were food for thought too.

People from Nevada are proud to be here. I understand. 25 minutes to some of the best skiing in the world, two great lakes to swim in, endless miles of hiking and biking trails, and the great sunny summers. I love it here.

What’s better than a holiday? Especially one that no one else in the country gets to celebrate? A day off from school and work? I’m thinking of staying here permanently.
You should consider it too.
Just don’t mention anything about California or New York. We’ll just keep slowly bringing sushi and egg creams into the mainstream Reno culture.
Maybe in 10 years we newcomers will be acclimated.
I’ve already located Fox’s U-Bet at Raley’s on Virginia and they’re having a sale on Club Soda this week too.
We’ll have an ex-patriate float featuring sashimi and
Fox’s U-Bet Chocolate Syrup.
The two great tastes that do not go great together.
They can abide side by side in Nevada though.

~Miss R